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Update by user Jul 01, 2018

My posts are related to Publix Stores #550 and #1389.

Update by user Jul 01, 2018

One month later and there's still been no response from Publix. Their produce is awful.

A couple of times when I've taken it back to the store, customer service has given me a bad time about it. I am still routinely finding fuzzy fruits and soupy discolored veges in the produce section. I tried to post a follow-up earlier in the month, but they didn't post it. I made sure I followed their rules.

Their lack of timely cleanliness resulted in an injury to my knee, but they are refusing to accept responsibility. Their claims adjuster told me that they didn't cause my injury. The food I slipped on was soup from their hot bar. By the time I stepped in it, it was cold as ice.

How long does it take to get like that?

That's my point, but they aren't responsible for my injury. They are taking advantage of my pre-existing condition to let themselves off the hook.

Original review posted by user Jun 01, 2018

As a long-time and loyal customer of Publix for 20+ years, I have continued patronizing their stores in spite of an increasing trend of issues which eventually led up to me getting injured in their store during one of my recent shopping trips: they are routinely out of sale items at the start of their weekly sales, difficulty getting help in the deli with long wait times, insufficient lighting in the parking lot, employees that don't speak English and those with no knowledge of brands or where they are located in the store, produce that is either already bad on the shelf or it goes bad the next day. Dairy items routinely past their expiration date still on the shelf, poorly trained employees that refuse to check in back of the store for products out of stock on the shelf, food spills left on the floor too long, dirty bathrooms, long checkout lines, and inflated pricing.

During the hottest time of the year, the temperature of their stores is very very warm the last couple hours before closing time which can't be good for perishables. When I asked about it, I was told that the A/C is on a timer and is either turned off or the thermostat is turned way up a couple hours before closing. At about the same time, they close one of their entrances, so if a person is parked in a handicapped parking space, it isn't very helpful for them to have to walk all the way around to get to their car. It defeats the purpose of having handicapped parking. I have had a large amount of cash stolen, envelope and all, from my purse between the time it took me to pay for my groceries at the register before I could get out of line.

The people who bag your groceries are aggressive as they are quick to pull your cart away from you while your purse is still it, in order to bag your groceries. I have had 3 blouses ruined as they somehow get caught on sharp edges or spurs on the grocery cart, so when the grocery bagger decides to pull the cart away from you to put groceries in it, the blouse gets snagged. I have complained, but the issues continue. While they are flawless about making sure the customer is being charged for every item in a person's cart and on the belt, they often forget to put the items we pay for in our bags. This has resulted in several extra trips back to the store and another wait in line to get the item.

Publix keeps relocating inventory making it impossible to find anything and items don't get restocked timely. Out of stock items remain out of stock for extended periods of time. It is getting more and more difficult to shop at any given time of the day because their staff leaves large carts of inventory unattended, blocking customers access to grocery items. I consider myself a good and honest customer, because there have been times, when I have gotten home and found that items I never paid for mixed in with my groceries. I have made multiple trips back to their stores to return the items for their benefit and it was on my dime (gas money) even though it wasn't my fault.

Publix here in South Florida failed the community when hurricane Irma hit. Hurricane season comes every year, yet last year according to Publix's corporate office, they diverted a large portion of their water to Texas due to Hurricane Harvey leaving South Florida with a shortage of supplies also need by Floridians in preparation for Irma. There was no water to be found at any Publix stores unless you wanted to camp out in the heat from 7:00am til 11:00pm hoping for a shipment. One of the managers at the store told me they hadn't gotten a shipment in 2 days a few days before the hurricane was suppose to hit us. Sadly, many of us weren't able to get any water and After Irma concluded, the government never brought us anything like they had with previous hurricanes.

When Publix reopened their stores in the aftermath of the storm, they made all their loyal customers stand outside in the blistering 95+ degree weather while they let a few of us in at a time. I don't know what they were so worried about because the shelves were at least 50% empty. Publix was very insensitive to their customers during such a trying time. They even stopped giving us rainchecks after we made the treacherous trip there thru debris and waited in two very long lines. One of the reasons I preferred Publix over other stores was because of cleanliness. Unfortunately I can't say that anymore. Over time, I have reported spills and have noted a trend of Publix not addressing spills as promptly as they should be on busy days. They usually at least put a cone next to spills, but it doesn't always prevent accidents from happening.

When the store gets busy and the lines are long, Publix calls everyone up front until the lines of people paying for their groceries have been taken care of. A few months ago on a very busy holiday when the store was packed, I slipped in a very large spill on their floor. One of the other customers tried to warn me, but it was too late. My right Knee which already had issues slid sideways and nearly out from under me with me reaching out for my cart of groceries to prevent my fall, Of course the cart moved too. One of the witnesses close to me offered to get someone to help me from the back (meat and seafood department). Shortly after that, the store manager showed up. I had to ask for an incident report to be done when none was offered. He offered to clean my shoes.

When I took my left shoe off, I accidentally set my foot back down in the spill which others identified as soup, most likely from their hot bar a few feet away, but there was no container on the ground, nor was there any broken glass or any other container next to it. The food on the floor didn't come from the aisle shelf of that aisle. The temperature of the spill (soup) was room temperature, so it had been there for a few minutes, which doesn't make sense to me because the aisles were crowded with people. I stayed in the aisle where I had slipped until the incident report was completed. I barely got around the corner into the next aisle before the pain really set in. I tried to finish shopping, but the pain was too intense and I could feel my knee swelling up and a clicking sensation.

I notified the store manager what was going on, telling him I wouldn't be able to finish my shopping trip. 5 Months have passed and I haven't gotten any help from Publix on pain management, doctor's appointments, or diagnostic tests. Since I had been shopping at the store for the last 20 years, I really just wanted to settle this without legal representation. I was trying to give them a chance, but as it turned out, trusting Publix with my safety and then with accountability and integrity, was too much to hope for. Publix has a policy of only one pay out for settlements. I had no money for medical care, and for 5 months, I have truly suffered believing that Publix would do the right thing, but they didn't. They did offer me a small sum of money which is a joke.

At the same time, they do not feel they are responsible for my injury even though my MRI revealed a complete ligament tear because it was partially torn already and the recent slip completed the tear 100% in additional to a new meniscus problem. I am already disabled. My ACL was completely torn previously. I had it repaired. It was my ACL repair graft reconstruction that had a partial tear, but slipping at Publix completed the tear. This has now put me in the position of having to get an additional surgery I hadn't planned on getting any time soon, because my pain was minimal until what happened in their store. My knee is extremely painful and unstable now since my ACL graft reconstruction is completely torn. A brace had been ordered for me previously to help prevent additional tearing of my ACL graft, but there's no ACL to protect anymore.

Here's the kicker and double edge sword! According to Publix my expenses were minimal and that is part of the reason for the low settlement amount offered. Since Publix hasn't paid for any medical care for me and because my income is so small, that was all I could afford. If I had more money, I would have gotten more medical care a lot sooner. Now, I will have to wait even longer before I can go back to work again. I guess I will have to get an attorney now. I had really hoped that since I was trying to work this out with Publix, they would at least responsibility and be fair, but apparently not. I really needed to go back to work, because I'm don't have enough income to cover my living expenses. I really need to get my health issues resolved so I can work again.

This has cause a major setback for me. All this, and the pain, with no help from Publix. I wish I had gotten an attorney from the start. I can't believe it. During the 5 months that followed, their rep called me and made a point to throw their attorneys up in my face. How could I ever set foot in that store again. It isn't safe there, and they definitely don't take responsibility for not keeping their store safe and clean like they used to. This is how they treat their loyal customers who choose to spend their money in their stores. I just want people to see how Publix treats their loyal customer. I wonder if they have a clue how much money they are going to lose just from not having my business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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