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If you slip on water in Publix and break a bone it would appear to be your fault and an inconvenience for the manager. It also seems to be company policy to take a very long time to pay any medical expenses you have incurred and try to destroy your character.

When the attorney can not find any "dirt" on you they try to delve into personal finances to see if there is something there. I am working on an expose for TV about the treatment of customers who are injured and suggest people do not shop there. You enter at your own risk.

Shopping is defiantly not a pleasure.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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OMG listen I fell in 08' n still PUBLIX they don't want to do a damb thing about this I fell on my back having to b takin by ambulance n having back surgery n medical bills over$100,000.00 now n to boot now o that the first surgey failed another is in order and PUBLIX had nerve to offer $10,000. I don't want anything that's not due they need to pay my medical,I feel now my future medical n now I'm stuck can't work my medical job I had before what kind of *** is this n my lawyers plz I feel now r jerking me around ,so upset n destitute..


Next time becareful where you walk. What if this happened at home. Would you sue your spouse/children.


Have a masters - very good paying job - neglect on the part of the store has distruped out lives due to a fall my wife had in an wet area with no indication of wetness - she broke her elbow - she is in extreme pain and even worse has issues with her bones - not our fault - not sue happy but very unhappy about the care taken in the store to protect our safety - never expected to brake an elbow while shopping - not always gold diggers - sometimes the store truely is at fault


I'm in Florida and I don't walk with my head down, you Must be talking about All the Northern transplants here because there avery few Natives left.

You people come across as flaming AH's and probally are. Get a life!

It could and I hope can happen to You, or maybe your 75 year old Mother.

tehn, will YOU be "whing" on this site? Hopefully if it does happen, you'll break your *** neck!


Dear "Hateful lazy whiners",

Believe it or not, NO every one who busts their hump at two jobs can afford health insurance, I certainly can't. I don't have *** credit, and even if I did that stuff isn't any of your business nor does that or the thought that someone had previous workers comp claims Who hasn't?

People like YOU are the reason this whole freaking country is in the toilet. :( I believe that if you get hurt inside on company property they are responsible for the medical cost and any pay you may have lost. No more no less. I hope you enjoy the Karma that comes your way.

Not everyone who gets hurt wants millions upon millions, just enough to pay the bills and still be able to eat. But I guess we don't deserve to eat, we don't even deserve proper medical care. You probably live in some upper class neighborhood driving a BMW or a Lexus, you go to church every Sunday and you think anyone who doesn't is ***... I'm so sick of people like you.

People like you are responsible for the Holocaust. "oh they're lazy and just want to take our money." Thanks a lot, Hitler. JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED. Walk a mile in someones shoes??

No because you'd rather stand across the street looking at someone in a wheel chair and think "why not kill it already, it's a parasite to our society." when in fact YOU are the parasite.

And soon enough, something like that is going to happen to you and You're going to sue, And this will be brought into the trial. So Enjoy.




it's funny how in most of these situations the employees seem to get blamed for "failing" to clean up a spill, like they just walk past them and ignore them. you probably spilled the water yourself.

and yes, you are an inconvenience, but not only to the manager on duty, but to all of mankind.

take your head out of your you know what and watch were you are walking. I also really liked the comment calling you unemployed low life ***, get a job.


Publix has their days number as an on going concern. Publix is involved in thousands of lawsuits and what Publix has coming their way is real and not just fantasy.

Publix is being investigated by the IRS. Publix makes over one billion dollars a year in net profit for the bosses, on sales of over $25 billion a year, and the greed will squish Publix down to nothing more than the local butcher shop.

All these posts that put you down are from trained Publix staff to make you feel responsible for your injuries on Publix property that they carry an insurance policy of ONE MILLION DOLLARS PER ACCIDENT with the Hartford Insurance. Give them heeell bro.


yo hms did this happen in florida?

cause if you are like the rest of the ppl in florida who walk around with their head down so as to not make eye contact how in the *** did you not see that water on the fn ground???????????


If you slip in a publix because they did not clean up a spill- they should pay your medical bills. that is a no brainer- why should our healthinsurance pay??/ I think publix is making enough to cover it-


Why should a company have to pay your medical bills because you were careless and not watching your step. This raises prices for the rest of us.

If I get hurt on your property because you forgot to shovel snow off your walkway should I sue you? If it happened to you kid you would think differently. If the OP were careful and watched where they were walking she would not have broken her leg.

Why should customers have to pay for her carelessness. You and the OP are probably people who would create their own spills and fall and then sue.


Its people like you that sue companys to try to make a quick buck then complain about high prices. I would guess you don't even fully understand this post! :(



Dear HMS,

I highly suggest, if your claim is legitimate, NOT to get an attorney. They charge you a 33% fee AND the whole process will take at least a YEAR if not more.

It would take a lot less time for you to deal with these people directly, however displeasing, they will want to settle your claim.

I have heard some people even lose more money if they get an attorney than if they take a settlement directly. ;)


yep just another payout seeker.

Typical of uneducated, unemployed low life ***.


I think this individual was hoping for a huge payout for his slip and fall. Here is some advice.

Watch your step. You shoul dbe carrying your own health care. Millions of us hardworking tax paying people do it. Its the lowlife welfare types that think every accident should come with a fat payout.

How about, you feel down, you broke your leg, you deal with it. If you had real insurance you would be taken care of. But I bet you wanted a huge money settlement and Publix is not caving in. You probably have workers comp claims in your past and *** credit.

People like you are the ones that ruin it for everybody.

Your leg will heal. Walk it off.


hmmmmmmmm My mom always told me to watch where I walk. Might be good advice for you in the future? I seem to think so.