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Publix unsafe for the elderly

PUBLIX IS NOT A SAFE ENVIROMENT FOR THE ELDERLY: My 84 yr old Mom was insulted and accosted in the check out lane by a couple known to the employees as violent and abusive, they had also refused to be served at the meat counter because the employee was an African American...(.HE PROBABLY WON'T HAVE HIS JOB MUCH LONGER FOR REVEALING THIS INFORMATION TO THE POLICE DEPT ...poor soul) but the manager (Jean Andreau) did not seem to think this was a big deal!!!!! When my Mom left the store, the couple RAN HER OVERIN THE PARKING LOT!!! The Charlotte County Fl Sherriff's Dept refuse to do anything regarding the incident claiming "It's a civil matter": Publix are refusing to take any responsibility as well...claiming "We are not responsible for providing a safe environment, just groceries" YOU BE THE JUDGE...WOULD YOU LET YOUR ELDERLY LOVED ONES BE AT RISK IN THIS CONGLOMERATE OF IRRESPONSIBILITY ?
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He had to reveal he was African-American? Was he white? Question: If a homeless man knocked out a window and entered your home and used your phone to make a terroist threat, would it be your responsibility?

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Publix Manager

Publix in Washington, District Of Columbia - No changes can be made ma'am, unless we decide to make them

So for my daughters first birthday I wanted her to have a spongebob cake ( since she's a huge fan!!!) I went to the publix supermarket On highway 85 in riverdale, as I was flipping through the book of cakes There were only 2 spongebob cakes. I asked the decorators behind the Counter and it the manager was acting like he couldn't find the rest of The pictures telling me it would take a while to find them and that I could Wait or pick one of the ones that were there. I decided to wait about 5 minutes For the decorator to find the book and to finish helping me where the manager Left off since he had dissapeared. She showed me about 4 more cakes. I placed my Order and left. The day of my daughters party I went to pick up my cake that looked Nothing like the cake that I ordered, which I found quite weird since I was told that no Changes could be because it was a trademark. When I complained the manager told me That there was nothing that he could do unless I ordered another cake. Publix will recieve No more of my business!!!!!!
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:eek Hey Gwen - If you are going to criticize the "cake lady", you should learn the difference between grammar and spelling errors. These which look more like typos, vice spelling errors.

I don't see any grammar errors. It also appears the web site capitalizes the 1st word in each LINE regardless of whether it is in the middle of a sentence or not = very poor webmaster!

Looks like Publix blew it all arond on this one.

It may have been TOO LATE to order a new cake, unless they could produce it VERY quickly.



The bad thing about this site and others like it is you only hear one side of the story. You should discuss your concern with the store manager.

This will do 2 things. First, you should get some satisfaction for your problem. Second, if you do not tell the store manager they will never know there is a problem they need to address. How can they correct a problem if they do not know it exists?

If, after speaking with the manager, you still are not satisfied, go to They will make it right.

Please do not let this one concern keep you from shopping at Publix because there truly are thousands of Publix associates who work hard to make your shopping experience a pleasure. Finally, please remember we are all just people, with the same problems everyone else has (family deaths, illnesses, divorces.....) and some days are better then others.


Well if you have as horrible grammar in person as you do in this post, it is no wonder they messed up your cake.


:cry I'm sure if you spoke to the store Mgr. he would of had a new cake made and delivered it to your home.

Sorry we dropped to ball on that one. Hope we don't loose you as a customer.......


I know from personal experience of being a Publix decorator, that NO CHANGES, are supposed to be made due to Trademark laws.

I also know that there is a SEVERE MONETARY PENALTY for anyone, customer or employee, who makes changes. I would recommend that you, take pictures of your cake, send them to the corporate office, with the store number, managers name and let them handle the situation.

I, being a Publix associate & decorator, am saddened to hear that happened to you. It comes from hiring unexperienced people and not offering them proper training to learn the way they need to.

Again, I know the situation can't be changed, but I as a Publix associate apologize and am embarassed that situation occured!!


you didn't say which publix this was at??

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