i have been in publix where I have had to bag my own groceries, tell a cashier that I couldn't find a product and was told to give them ***, whatever that means. We have asked fora certain type of rotisserie chicken and were told "SORRY".

When the fried chicken was on sale the pieces were significantly smaller and when we asked for all dark meat were told it would be for the regular price. Also the carts are all over the parking lot.

For the prices we pay at publix I expect better than this! The entire attitude at this store is horrible and I will be going to Winn Dixie and Walmart from now on

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Why didn't you stop what you were doing and gather some carts for the other customers that are so concerned with carts in the lot..I think your problem is your a ***.


I just HATE this store! Maybe because I HAVE to shop there, there are no other choice's.

Why does So.

Florida not have more grocie chain stores to shop at??? Is Publix's paying someone off???


8 piece dark meat is a different price than 8 piece mixed, and both are typically not on sale at the same time.

As for the rotisserie, well... yea. Sorry is basically the only answer you'll get if it's either been sold or not in the rotisserie oven. I mean, surely you would rather be told "sorry" than "please wait another 2 hours so we can have your chicken ready".

Carts all over the parking lot? Well. ***. I guess the front service clerks should all stop what they're doing and get some carts.

The chicken size varies by bag, it has nothing to do with the sale. Sometimes the pieces are so big that they barely fit inside the box and sometimes they're smaller than usual. It's just luck of the draw (or lack thereof).