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I purchased 3 live plants for Mother's day within a week, 2 were dying and, and so the following week I decided that on my way to the hosputal I would return those 2 plants. I stopped at Publix.

Northridge in Ft Lauderdale on oakland and US1 and was told by the custoner service manager that even with my receipt, he was not goinv go "take a hit", I the custoner should return the plants at the publix I purchased them. I explained to him this was more than 30 minutes away, he cared only about his bottom line. I calked the custoner service number a was told to ask fir the store manager. He was super horrid and i left fedling not just angry but humiliated and disenchanted with publix.

I called custoner care and was told thst the manager has the discretionary right to refuse to tske an item back, thst ghe publix promise applies only to certain items and that someone wohld call me back to discuss hkw the manager spoke rudely to me. Thst was two weeks ago.

I got to the point where i took everything out of my house that hss the word publix on it. I will not shop there ever again

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

Publix Pros: Location.

Publix Cons: Sarcastic asst mgr and poor display of products.

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