Tampa, Florida
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Where is the dress code.

Your store at Dearbon & Indiana in Englewood, Fl.

I could not believe what I saw, Discusting.

The bakery managers black pants were extra long and dragging

on the floor.

They were very dirty and frad, discusting.

Where is your store manager, that he or she can not see this.

If a customer can see it, why can upper management not see this.

If the bakery manager stays behind the counter, we would not

see them.

But they too have to come out from behind the counter.

What ever happened to the tradional white dress code for all

bakery employees.


Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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I can't care about your pissed complaints when you can't spell. *DISGUSTED*


Why are you looking over the counter? Do you have no life at all?

I know because I'm between pant lengths that its hard to get a pair that fit.. and not everyone is a master at trimming theirs.

She works at Publix, she can't afford your fancy pants. Give her a break, we aren't paid in gold.

Disgusted is spelt with a G not a C.


oh dear god not his pants! what ever will we do?

the condition of their pants obviously affects the quality of the bread you get.....

honestly? they are working a food service job do you think they can help getting their pants a little dirty?


Mary Ann on 6/1/11 comment. Kevin is an accurate proofreader and has every reason to comment on the Mrtigger's pathetic spelling and grammar.

Sadly, many of the complaints are written by what appear to be less educated or ignorant individuals regarding the English language.

So, leave Kevin alone, please and find a more productive manner in which to critique others' comments. : )


Kevin, are you an English teacher? You seem to be a 'proofreader' on the comments being left on this website. :?


I, as well, am disGusted at your inability to spell. You need to get a life, the bakery manager is probably doing something called BAKING all day long, which is why she is "dirty" as you say. Get a life...


if you have ever worked in the food service industry, you would be understanding to the bakery manager's appearance.She/He is not working in a white-gloved service hotel, it's a freaking BAKERY! Are the frayed pants really affecting the service you are getting?

The quality?

No. You are just someone who wants to complain.


What exactly is "frad"? Is that the same as frayed? If you were as worried about your spelling as you were their pants then you would be disGusted about that instead...


I work at Publix and I am DISGUSTED by your inability to spell.


What is "discusted", is your spelling of disGusted.