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The below was sent via postal mail to the address that was provided on their website related to consumer relations/complaints. To date, I have yet to hear from anyone, electronic, postal mail or by phone. Boy! Do I feel invisible ~ I would not have thought that such a large and established facility such as Publix would treat one of their consumers this way. Well, good goat, was I wrong to speculate such a thing!!!

June 6th, 2008

Publix Super Markets Corporate Office

ATTN: Consumer Relations

PO Box 407

Lakeland, FL 33802-0407

To whom this may concern:

I would like to communicate my experience at your store located on South Semoran Blvd. In Orlando, FL. Store# 0350. Shopping date: 5.18.08 @ 5:00 PM.

I had almost completed my shopping list as I approached the fruit department. I selected the bananas, tomatoes, and celery that were upon my list. As leaving the department the “cut up” fruit caught my eye. Particularly the cantaloupe… There was an employee there (of Asian descent, smaller man, perhaps Korean?) placing new heads of lettuce in their appropriate little casing there. I approached him and asked: Could I trouble you for a moment? I showed him the cantaloupe that had piqued my interest and said to him: I don’t care to pay for someone to cut up my fruit, would you perhaps, select a good one for me over here, (the whole ones) as I am not knowledgeable on a good selection of one. His response to me was: All these are just put out. Me: OK… would you be as so kind as to select a good ripe one for me? Him: All these are just put out. Me: OK… I understand that, what I am requesting of you is to select a good ripe for me. Him: (circling his hand over the whole display) All these are just put out.

I looked around the department for a member of management ~ to no avail. I even looked through the double (push) doors there. There wasn’t anyone. Needless to say, I didn’t select a cantaloupe; as previously stated: I didn’t/don’t have knowledge in terms of making a good selection…

I completed the remainder of my list and stood in the checkout line for quite some time. I looked over where the Administration department is/was to see if I could spot a manager. Since the lines were so long out where I was, he and other staff members were telling folks to bring their items over there. By this time it now was almost 6 PM and I needed to leave and quickly get home to tend to an animal.

I left the fruit department shaking my head in disbelief ~ I left the store being puzzled and disgruntled ~ thinking to myself, why did he not bother to want to stop stocking his lettuce and assist me?

I thought, perhaps, someone might be interested in hearing my story. I have been a Publix shopper for many a year now.

Best regards,

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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I've noticed a lot of people who actually take the time to write corporate are very good writers. You drew me in!

Anyhow, speaking fluent English is not a requirement to work there I believe.

He probably spoke very little and thought he was on the same page as you seeing how he was speaking the exact same phrase over and over. Just a thought...


I agree that the produce worker should have been able to comprehend your question. If he or she didn't understand you, perhaps another employee could have been consulted. However, I wouldn't expect advice from a produce worker at Publix, or any store like Publix for that matter.

The reality is that most of these people are low wage workers who are not expected to know anything. From my experience in retail, most of the lower class public are very simple and unable to discern. Their jobs don't require them to make decisions, and they tolerate mediocrity. As a result, they begin to loose the decision making skills they had prior to the job, and also loose touch with constructive criticism.

My advice is to never ask these people anything. They aren't in your league and your *** won't make a difference. Instead, forgo the cantaloupe until you can figure out how to select a ripe one yourself. Alternately, give your money to a store that fosters employees who are at least semi intelligent. Good luck.


Select it yourself you are not five years old.


That is just a really dumb complaint.


I don't think publix would be the type of company that would put any sub quality product out. I bet if you would have picked up any one of the canteloupe you would have been very satisfied... just saying.


Publix employees don't have time to help every *** bag that is too *** to select their own fruit!



First of all let me say how sorry I am for your experience... Please know we have 140K associates who work hard everyday to please our customers..and once in a while we do fail to meet the expectations of our customers...

Try us again..I'm sure we will do much better.. If you have any trouble please ask to speak to the Store Manager...He/She will see your situation is corrected ...


I'm not taking sides : but what some people consider ripe is not always the same as what others do.

Allot of people like canteloupe at the stage I consider overly ripe, too sweet. (that's not a criticism: I notice that the cut melon put out by Publix is often a little more ripe than I like,but it sells well so I assume most people like it that stage)

Perhaps the gentlemen in the produce department was simply trying to avoid selecting a melon

because he has no way of knowing what degree of " ripe" you prefer?


ok first it's not called a "fruit department", its called a produce department you annoying self righteous twit. second, publix only puts out good, ripe fruit.

The gentlemen told you that they were just put out, in an attempt to tell that they are all good. How would it serve him to put out produce that was in less than perfect condition? as for the long wait in line, well sorry, go to sweetbay, they have no lines, no customers, and few employees for good reason.

oh by the way, for future reference don't press your ugly face against double swing doors, its just not smart. are you the animal that needed tending?


Hi there: I believe I read that once you/someone posted a complaint that this site would perhaps send it forward to the complaintee'. Is this accurate? I was recommended to this site and it is a wealth of information I must say...