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I stopped in Publix to get a few items. I pulled a number at the deli counter and looked at the number board and my number was 41 - while the number board was 16.

As the deli staff gone done with a client I raised my number and deli boy Jermaine asked who's next? I pointed to the numbers on the board and the number in my hand- while a client interjected and stated he was next, but he had not pulled a number and did not have a number. I then stated I was next because I had a number, but the deli boy asked why are you screaming? when I was not screaming but speaking firmly and he refused to service me and attended the client who interjected without a number.

I began asking him why he was doing this and he replied he didn't have time for this - I told him I would get a manager. Meanwhile in a hostile tone and manner the client then began insulting me stating I was "nasty" and a "miserable" person out loud. I asked him to get me his supervisor and pointed to a woman right behind me who was watching the situation the entire time, but was talking to someone. I requested to intervened and all she did was tell me she would cut my order for me and that the deli boy would continue to help the other client.

While being attended I explained that the number on the board is never correct and that the disorder in the deli is causing hostility between clients and deli boy had been disrespectful today and on previous occasions. But the supervisor was extremely lax and did nothing nor said anything to help support or ease the problem other than giving me my cold cut order.

I then, got the general supervisor or the store Craig Novelle, he was also lax and looked at me in a condescending manner - did not want to come to the deli counter with me, I had to convince him to tell him who the employees were and as I pointed to the employees as we stood 10 feet away from them and I pointed to the number board to show it was always off, the only thing he stated to me was "you don't need to be pointing" - this response to me convinced me he was not pro customer service, had no intention on resolving the issue and was condescending, so I told him, don't tell where to point" and I left. I then contacted the corporate office for Publix and submitted a formal complain by phone to which a phone call from a district manager was to be returning my call in 48 hours to take the complain.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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Yes it's wrong customer treating other customer wrong look at this way he has problem and need to see a shrink management team staff need serious management training Seminar class That would help them alot


we have some real dipsticks working at publix in Fort Walton Beach FL. They will fail in 10 years.

Meanwhile, should you have another incident just drop the item on the floor & walk away. :grin