Tampa, Florida

i cant understand why the friers are turned off so early in the evening, such as 7 to 8 pm...now if publixs didnt have the best potato wedges and fried chicken this wouldnt be a problem,,but the last 2 weeks ive gone in 3 times to purchase potato wedges while ive been on vacation...all 3 times they have had the friers down for draining the oil, or turned off early,,this time on thursday night,,i got there at 6:45 and they were draining the oil durning rush hour time,,the deli manager told me it would be 25 minutes before the burner was heated back up,,and i asked why would you drain the oil after only 2 times of cooking as she told me.i told her about the last 2 times it would take 20 to 25 min.so i contacted the manager of the store as i was leaving to ask him why the policy on friers were so bad, and there was 10 people waiting in line to purchase items , and he doesnt understand why, but he would check into it,,(ha ha ha), i talked to him for 3 minutes and an female employee walked up to us and said that ive monolopized too much of his time and gave him a big hug, i said to her , thanks for interrupting us,,she knew i was pissed and they both said have a happy new year and i said what ever,,,i will go back to Walmart, and spend my 700 dollars a month there again, and buy my vegetables at the farmers market, cheaper there...jbw,,,lutz tampa...

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We have to drop (clean) the fryers every to fries because the grease will get burnt if we don't and your potato wedges will taste and smell like burnt paper. They are not shutting them down, they are cleaning them. God, I cannot imagine the fit you'd be throwing if you ACTUALLY had to work in our kitchen.


The ppl who are frying the chicken have rules set from CORPORATE not just some made up stuff by them. Corporate puts rules like these in place so they have time to clean and go home to their families and not be there all night because you want chicken and fries. get a life :x


Sorry to read that you had such a bad experiene with the Deli at your Publix store but what I have found to be a solution is to call the Deli and place an order for the chicken and the potato wedges at whatever time you want to pick it up. Problem solved.


I'm gonna drain my oil.... on your mom's face. Bam!