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I get funds from Western Union just about every other week. I usually put for "Amount expected" what I expect...

Not the exact amount (if i don't know it) no more no less of my 'expectation.' Today, I go to Publix Super Market on Tech Rd. 1250 Tech Drive # 300. Norcross, GA 30093. (770) 921-8521 (heres the number to the dult manager and assistant manager and the foolish african clerk named okinui?

So, I fill out my form and give it to the Clerk. She looks it up and tell me the "expected" amount is not right. I told her thats fine. She said no, it needs to be exact amount in order to receive my funds.

So, I said ok, try so and so amount, she said no, it has to be wrote down on the "amount expected". By this time, i had about lost my patience with this foreigner so I asked for her manager. She points to a women leaning over the counter that looked like she was pretty much in her comfort and the last thing she wanted to do was provide any customer service. Her name was Yesenia Macias, the assistant manager.

She looks over at me and i explained as if she wasn't right next to us and says "yeah, you have to know the exact amount sent". I said "no, its my expected amount?? And I told the clerk another amount and she says it has to be written down on the form?!" I told the AM, can you put in so and so amount then or this amount - has to be one of these. She goes and says "No, now your guessing".

You can imagine I was furious! I asked for her manager. Some guy who looked like hes high on some substance by the name of, Bill Osborn comes and I explain to him by now. He tells me they are right!

I asked him, what if I fill out a new money receive form and put another "expected' amount he says I only have one time!! This is the worst in customer service practice and voice your opinion in directing this foolish ignorant service. I asked bill if he could give me the definition of "expect" and although he agreed with what i was livid about, he just refuse to provided me services even asking me "what you want me to do"? They all should not be in their positions treating customers as I was treated today.

I felt as though they just did not want to do their job and refuse me my money that they clearly can see was in western union. Please direct this matter urgently because western union is provided for convenience in sometimes crucial emergencies and if it wasnt for a checking cashing place right up the road, I may not have gotten my WU right away and under 5 minutes. Instead of wasting my time speaking to 3 pea heads in titled positions. bad representation of employees in titled position such as Asst.

Manager and Manager.

Monetary Loss: $140.

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Based on what I read, the reason you were treated poorly has a lot to do with your racism. Perhaps in the future, you should treat others with dignity and respect.


They've closed the store because of thuggery. Happy?


So... I'm a Publix CS rep.

and unfortunately they did handle the situation a little unreasonably, but they are correct. By the standards set by Western Union for us to operate under, we are not allowed to distribute the funds if the "expected" amount is incorrect. You also have to understand that the area in which you reside is a very difficult area to work in when it comes to our clients.

We often encounter fraud on a daily basis and also combat identity theft, so many things you find frustrating we do as well, but it is for our and your protection, or else someone would steal your *** then you would be a total *** to us for not following our jobs regulations to the letter. So try not losing your *** next time with a manager and they be more helpful


Only person lacking any intelligence and friendly attitude is you.




@crymeariver ridiculous. you didnt find that ***? i did it, bunch of wasted time.


You big baby. Get over it.

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