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Publix store 1263, Macon, GA, is allowed to cut pork on seafood table. They know of cross contamination but do it anyway.

There told to do it until they get caught, what a lame company Publix is. I guess there waiting for someone allergic to seafood, to have pork with seafood on it and to become really sick,hospitalized or worse!! Health dept. should surprise them with a visit,,!!

There bread is dry and lousy. bread falls apart when picked up in a sandwich. Obviousness there using the wrong flour, don't they know anything.

I have 3 scratch bakers and can tell by what I have had in their store, Publix has a lot to learn if they want a quality product.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Sandwich.

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How is that even possible? Seafood is an entirely different sub-department.

The meat market and and the seafood dept are totally separate. Why would someone in seafood take their product back into the market to cut it?

It might be understandable if you were talking about cross contamination between pork and beef. However, my husband has been a cutter at Publix for years and all of their different meats are kept completely separate (on different cutting tables) during cutting time.


It sounds like the complainer is a disgruntled ex-employee. First off, NO Publix has a meat dept that cuts seafood in the meat cutting area. Seafood dept is a very specialized sub dept and has plenty of space to cut their own product, even if there is only one employee working both meat and seafood. And that NEVER happens because unless is after 8pm there are at least 2 employees in both. It would be *** to take a piece of seafood back to the cutting boards in the meat dept or vice versa to cut any protein. Especially if the employee is lazy. Meat and seafood proteins are kept in completely different walk-in coolers and areas. I might agree if the complainer said beef crossed with pork on the same cutting tables but even then it is very unlikely because ALL Publix have at the minimum 2 meat tables and IN seafood at least one. Not sayng Publix is perfect but this complainer as well as some of the others are just pissed off CUSTOMERS who didn't get what they wanted ie. FREE.

This website should try to verify complaints before slander is used (won't happen because they make mostly zilch). But then again this is the internet and one can say anything (mostly) especially since users can and purposely go unidentified. Big man aren't you. If it is such a big issue to you then instead of writing on this site, call Publix corporate. I can ASSURE you they will investigate. The complainer is a wuss or works for a rival.

Btw, learn to spell.


I work at that Publix and what was wrote about cross contamination is very true.


having worked for Publix for 10yrs I can say that's NOT true. it may have happened but Management does not know.

there are so amany guideline to follow it drove me nuts.

Little things you'd do at home you could'nt do there.

I no longer work for Publix. A good company to work for back then, my sister still works for them.


I know that it is not a best practice to process different species on the same cutting board with the same utensils, but as long as the cutting boards and utensils were properly washed and sanitized before hand it shouldn't be an issue. I am not sure of the situation and I am not trying to defend the employees actions but having worked in a food production environment before (not a Publix Supermaket)I know that while the state department wouldn't necessarily support this decision without evidence of cross contamination this incident would not warrant a critical violation.