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I was at Publix with a $3 off Dixie plates yesterday and they gave me gel said coupon wasn’t valid that coupons suck I asked so why you advertise bogo and coupons if you are not going to honor them the manager Daniel Lusby was super rude walked off made negative comments about my coupons but sadly they were checking on Publix 101 site that isn’t even a PUBLIX website SUPER STUPID if you going to validate a coupon why are you using a site that coupon folks set up? Needless to say Molly Berryman was the one giving me the website I thought these folks crazy don’t know crap about coupons.

But the cashier I’m guessing was new called the team leader that started this snowball Meek Hobbs and I thought he was a manager wow only a team leader!! I want PUBLIX to get on the bowl or get off if they don’t know what’s going on!!

Molly told me she had never seen a $3 off Dixie plates before coupon before so now I know the store is based on infidel knowledge and not customer SATISFACTION . You guys are really knuckle HEADS get it together

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Sounds to me like you were rude first. Most likely you were using the coupon wrong, and when you were told this you mistook being told no as rude.


Sounds like you have no idea how to resolve customer service issues. Take the high road when dealing with your perception of "rude" customers. You seem to forget that those "allegedly rude" customers are paying your salary.

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