Tampa, Florida

I have done light shopping at Publix supermarkets for over 10 years. I go to them because of convenience not price or service.

I have noticed that the stores at Goolsby point and Bloomingdale consistently ring up double on one item I purchase.

It's not every time but it is enough to wonder if it is Publix policy to overcharge.

Sad really since they charge so much for their food that they would stoop to such tactics to make a little money. Since I need one hundred words to submit this I will continue to write until more and more words.

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Listen if your so busy on your phone maybe you can look at the screen beside the bagger you Wil see everything don't blame cashier and bagger take responsibility for your own actions it your money your food


This has been happening to me also on a frequent basis at Publix stores in south beach Miami. Store#621 and store#1209.

The cashier will attempt to double charge an item, and for all 6 times this happened to me it was a buy one get one free 'BOGO' item, or a sale item. It doesn't matter what cashier or what store you go to, which proves that this is being implemented by upper management. It doesn't appear that the cashier's have anything to gain from this. From my experience, they have several tactics for this "double scan":

Tactic 1: Cashier will try to distract you with 'polite' conversation.

This is their most common tactic. They know while you're talking you're most likely not paying attention to what they are doing, and they will scan one of those items, bring it back over the scanner and scan it again. If you don't hold a conversation with them, they will sometimes start chatting with the bag boy or the cashier next to them. Usually if you catch them in the act, they will completely deny it, but the receipt never lies (at least not yet).

Tactic 2: Cashier will scan the item, act like the item didn't scan correctly and try to wipe, scratch, otherwise fiddle with upc label then scan again (giving the impression that the item didn't scan the first time).

Tactic 3: Change their main cashier programming system periodically to not recognize BOGO items, or sale prices. You'll have to watch the register screen to catch this and its best to place your sale and BOGO items last on the cashier conveyor belt. Sometimes when they start scanning there is a delay before items show up on the screen

Tactic 4: Charge for all the items correctly and 'inadvertently' not place an item in the shopping bag.

This is usually a smaller item that can be hidden close to the cashier's keyboard / register area. Again, in my experience, it 'coincidentally' happened to be a BOGO item.

On each of these occasions I spoke to a store manager who gave me a refund or otherwise rectified the problem right away. With the BOGO items some customers may not understand what's going on the screen, since each second item is listed twice (the second line showing the negative/discounted price). They appear to use this confusion to their advantage.

What's really scary about this is if a company is willing to do this to their customers at the cash register, can you imagine what they are putting inside those Publix brand products? What happens in those situations where you can't "catch them in the act"?


Hi !!! Thank you for bringing up some good point.

I have posted about this issue already, and people stated that it was a lie.

I am about to post one more comment , and I will also attach the proof which is the pictures of the receipts. I was -AGAIN-over charged.


Watch the cashier as she scans the merchandise. Does she run it through twice or once. Not being familiar with their receipts , do they show the regular price and then the sale price.