Wilton Manors, Florida

On a regular basis the store employees are rude and have a very poor attitude towards the customers. The shelves are poorly stocked and I am never able to find everything I went into the store for.

When I an employee for assistance I am very often told "if it not on the shelf we don't have it".

I am now going several miles out of my way in order to avoid shopping at the Publix at 5 Points in Wilton Manors, FL

I am not the only person feeling this way as I have several people/friends express the same opinion. There are many options available to shopping at Publix with lower prices and with better values and I am starting to take advantage of them,

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Well that's not a lie. Often enough if it isn't on the store shelf anymore, it's not in stock especially if they have already stocked for the day. That's not their if a lot of customers happen to want the same thing the same day around the same time.


To the Publix customer who posted about service and stock. As a publix employee/stockholder this is very upsetting.

Please contact our corporate office.

I can assure you that you will be taken seriously. I have called myself on others store's that I couldn't get handled thru management.