Greenville, South Carolina

I was in your store the 21st of July, and helped by Brad, never once was I spoken to, he was too busy talking to the female bagger who by the way never spoke. We spend a lot of money in your grocery store / Pharmacy and expect to be treated better.

If this happened in our business we would take it seriously. And frankly when I started this complaint was a little suprised to see the (Pissed Consumer.) A company like Publix should have more respect their customers. You know sometimes the customer is right.

Thanks for listening. Carol Huitt Publix Store number SO543

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Funny...I'm guess that cashier Brad was sleeping with that bagger. Publix is full of nothing but cheaters and *** Where is this store located???? I'm sure I have a clue!


Well Carol, from the looks of it you are in need of a friend maybe even a pet because if you go to a supermarket in search for some sort of companionship from compliate strangers,then you really need to get a life. Do you wake up in the morning to your empty life and say, how can I make my life a little better by messing someone elses life up, ummm I know let's go to publix and strat crying because no one wants to the miserable person that I am.


Carol, don't take this the wrong way but you seriously need to get a life!