Chantilly, Virginia

you might want to ask your employees if they have a my space page. After looking at a my space of employee in Estero, Fl. store (works in deli) she complains about working at Publix and also of her Husband beating her. Go to You tube, Bonita springs florida, welcome to area and view her husband. Turn the volume up.

Also, hire local American persons for temporary positions. Buy american or sell the country out to other countries by sending american funds elsewhere, via wages.

U have no idea about the security of this country right now but I can tell you we (USA) will be lucky if we will be the usa in another 10 years. Cheap labor, sell your country. Again, buy american, support americans or give up to subliminal takeover that is occurring.

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You are both ***. I work for Publix, in the deli.

Until you have worked that job, and I mean really worked for several years, you have no freaking clue what it is like. The CUSTOMERS are rude. The deli clerks are treated like animals and worse. I have been cussed out over an onion being cut the wrong way.

And if you have a problem with immigrants take it to you local politician not Publix. Grow the heck up! Also, if Publix really cared so much more about the mighty dollar versus the customer they wouldn't give *** away from free when you *** complain about *** stuff. I mean seriously!

You wanna know why Publix is so darn expensive? It's because *** like youy complain about EVERYTHING and get *** for free. That means our shrink (inventory loss for you *** who have never held a retail job before) goes way up. When shrink goes up prices go up, our wages go down.

You want to be treated with kindness?

Try treating the people who make your darn food with some kindness and maybe you will earn it in return! :(


Immigrants working at Publix are rude and Publix doesn't care. Miami, all South Florida run over with Carribeans & Central Americans.

Jails full of them. Drug charges.Target does have them working there but they don't tollerate rude or bad behavior. They are respectfull and helpfull. Publix cares about the mighty dollar.Not the customer.

Palm Beach county Publix most all employees foreign. Why ? Americans don't need a job PUBLIX ? South Florida ruined because of immigrants.

They just don't give a *** about this country. Secure our boarders !!!!