Elmore, Alabama

I work for Publix. My question is my store manager does not allow an employee to get a cup of water from the deli while on their breaks. We eat in the deli everyday and buy all our groceries at this store. Customers are allowed free cup of water when they shop. We even have a customer who comes to our store every morning and gets 4 cups of ice for his kids as she is taking them to school and she makes no purchase.

Also my manager says the publix promise does not apply to us when we shop.

I will gladly go along with company policy so can you tell me how the company views these issues.

One more thing. An employee about a year ago who worked in customer service was fired for stealing. The police took her out in handcuffs. She had to pay restitution. This is the lady who comes in and gets free cups of ice for her kids all the time and she shops our store also. Isn't she tresspassing since she was arrested for a crime to our store?

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I will NEVER but meat of any kind in publics again..it is unfit for human consumption.


Is that your biggest problem? C'mon. Did you ever think there might be health and safety factors involved?


That's bull. Your allowed too. If he keeps doing it call your dm.


Don't be so cheap with your employee's a glass of water after working on your feet for hours is not to much to ask.


I know there are a couple of reasons he probably doesn't want the Publix promise to apply to his associates. For one, using the Publix promise does nothing but hurt your own company.

Why would you want to get something for free from something your are investing your stock and retirement in? Also, any associate could just move a tag or find one that is out of place and get something for free every day.

The reason he doesn't want you getting water from the deli is because you are waisting supplies because of all the deli cups you would be going through and who can monitor whether or not associates are filling them with water or soda. You may be an honest person but their are not many out there.