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I will just say anonymously that Publix in Florida will give out tons of food to the Harry Chapin Food Bank for "poor" people (read that as people ALREADY getting food stamps and all the free goodies given to them on the backs of the taxpayers.) If a Publix employee gets one bakery item on Christmas they are lucky. They throw out so much food, too!

Why don't they give the out-of-date food to their poor employees that work for years and receive little pay?? "Someone" I know who is a bagger makes $8.50/hour and has worked there 6 YEARS! You are going to tell me that you can't give that poor person food that you are going to throw away or give to people already filling their fat bellies on food stamps?? These are the working poor, many who do not qualify for welfare or food stamps because they make "too much money." This country is going down the sh#tter, thanks to greed politicians and banks who could give a F##k.

Plus, they have the NERVE to give you a pin on your uniform stating "PLEASE, NO TIPPING", if you're a lowly bagger. Many people WANT to tip. Unbelievable!!

I would say Publix should be sued for poor employee practices and abuse of their employees, but I do not want my friends to lose their jobs in this already God-forsaken job market. Sad...very sad.

I liked: More organic please.

I didn't like: Way they treat their employees.

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I actually agree with you


Why are people so ***, everybody complains about people on food stamps, guess what, the system is rigged, these companies want you to blame people on welfare as being a burden on the taxpayer, meanwhile, Publix gets all kinds of tax breaks and credits for their generosity to different charities, when are people going to realize that the food stamps people get are not the thing screwing the taxpayer, its these big companies that are laughing all the way to banks that could care less, that is the real problem. Figure it out, why are these companies getting tax breaks for when obviously they do not need the money? That's why the workers are getting screwed over because the taxpayers let these companies get away with it.


I used to work for publix they never give you raise .I left publix because management was scream at me chase me out the door there bunch crazy wacky employees never go back and shop run as fast as you can before they kill you watch them.


Has Publix enslaved you, forcing you to work for them against your will? If not, shut your mouth and focus your energies on improving your skills so you can earn more money. Consider that your "tip" for today.

to Anonymous #1138660

Publix has already shown that being a hard worker won't get you anywhere,hows that for a tip?

to Anonymous #1138785

Someone at Publix actually has skills, they wont get more money from Publix.

to Anonymous #1139510

You probably are like other Publix employees and not sure of the difference between working and a job, so why don't you shut your mouth and consider that a tip?

to Anonymous #1151081

If you can find anyone at Publix that actually does any work that might fall under what would be called a miracle, and why should they work on their skills when alls they have to do is incorporate under a dumb name and then not have to pay taxes, only fools work and pay taxes.

to Anonymous #1155683

You can take your own advice and shut your mouth, consider that your tip for the day, you jack ***

to Anonymous #1156508

Obviously you did not read the complaint you nutcase, no "tips". As it is against Publix policy you cheap ***.


Tell your friends to not be afraid to leave Publix, there are plenty of jobs out there and the kicker is that a lot of those jobs pay more than Publix, contrary to Publix managements opinion who have forgotten or never had to work for $8.00- $10.00 an hour an can go and buy a car for cash with there bonuses every three months, I guess Publix is a real pleasure for some people


Also, ***, food stamps generally have been paid into by the people getting them as well, over the years.

Sorry but people have a right to get help after they pay into something.

Hope you're in a bind and desperately need help some day.

to Anonymous #1119058

Food stamps are not a "right." You pay into social security, not food stamps, you ***.

to Joann #1136256

So what's your point? You know your left from your right? Do you know how to tie your shoes to?


I agree with everything you have to say except for the part about the job market, anyone that says there is no jobs out there is blind,there are so many places with now hiring signs.

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