Delray Beach, Florida

Yesterday (July 23rd), I ran into a Publix Market in Delray Beach Florida to purchase 8 items. Incidently this is a Publix store I commonly refer to as "Getto Publix" because it's always dirty, sells expired food and the staff are nasty WHEN or IF they answer or speak to you.

So after I completed my purchase I came home and since my family is a Nielsen family (i.e. similar to the Nielsen TV ratings only we have a hand held scanner that records every shopping purchase and then we answer questions on line in surveys) I began to review my receipt to record my purchase. At the bottom of my receipt I see a charge for .99 that says just "grocery" next to it. It was a 9th charge and as I said I went for 8 items and as far as I knew ONLY purchased 8 items.

I began matching my items and found I did indeed NOT purchase a 9th item. I called the store who told me I needed to bring everything back to get a refund. Now I had amongst my purchases, Milk. LIVE CLAMS, and Ice Cream!

So, I went back to the store (6.7 miles away) to get this resolved. Well, come to find out the cashier charged me for MY OWN recycle bag that was (get this) PRINTED WITH THE NAME WALGREENS ON IT! So not only did she NOT take a tag off, scan the item or even see it, she just arbitrarily chose to charge me for it. And what really topped it off is after I started thinking about it, since I never put it on the belt for her to scan, never handed it to her, and there was no tag...

she OBVIOUSLY thought I was trying to steal it. FIRST of all it a was a bright green and they don't offer ANYTHING that looks like that and 2nd she could have ASKED. But you know, asking would be TOO much like customer service. Unfortunately, I would like to say this little .99 problem is the only problem I have ever had with Publix but it isn't.

Every time I go I have to check the prices, check my receipt and check my change. Also on the trip I purchased a 1/4 lb of white american cheese that was $4.29 a pound. I got home with 1/4 pound of cheese that was marked "Low Sodium Muenster cheese" that was $5.99 a pound!

It WAS my white American but I got charged $5.99 a pound. To top it off at the bottom of the receipt it said "We saved you $1.06 today" IT SHOULD HAVE SAID "WE STOLE $1.48 FROM YOU TODAY!


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I'm sure the .99 was an honest mistake and judging by your attitude I'm sure the cashiers and baggers are AFRAID to say anything to you, much less ask you about your bag. Trust me when I say that Publix is not trying to steal from you.

How would they stay in business if this was the case across the board, and how would that store stay open. I think you are just a special case, and I guarantee the associates know exactly who you are when you come in the store and thats what makes them act that way toward you.

Treat them with a pleasant attitude and you'll get one back. They are human beings just like you, you undeserving *****.


Aside from your complaint about the added charge of 99 cents, you also decided to bash Publix saying how dirty, smelling of rotting food and very poor customer service. Looks like this didn't bother you as much as someone overcharging you 99 cents.

As for the cheese, you should have looked at the label when you got the cheese to make sure that what you bought had the right label on it.

Everyone makes mistakes and I don't think this was done on purpose. What I really don't understand is how you can shop at a dirty, snelly and horrible store?


I find it funny yout drove 6.7 miles for .99 cent. Thanks for the laugh. I am trying not to judge but you are s.t.u.p.i.d