Boynton Beach, Florida

It is a very nice and new center, unfurtunatelly when you are going back to your car pushing the shooping car, that place always has people from publix pressing, walking behind you to get back the shoping car , makes me feel uncomfortable, they dont show respect to any one. hope that gets fixed, because is a nice community, the publix is new, there is a lot of young families with babies, so just imagine how dificult it is trying to put your groceries in the car, watching at the babies, while you have this people in your back almost pulling the shoping car from your with no respect.

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:x I once got into car wreck and had "arthritis" for like 3 days and now i TOTALLY understand why old folks like it when they have less stuff to deal with...

wich brings me to this posty here - look i understand your security fears here BUT it's an awesome for me when I can barely hold a milk jug without crying cuz it hurts so bad.

the ppl at Publix are so nice - they just want to hand-hold all way thru bcuz it makes things WAY more productive all way around.

luv n peace



Before you leave the check out you are asked if you need help taking your groceries to your car.

What do you say, I no understand and then leave?

What in tarnation is a SHOOPING CAR!!!!!!



they are paid to take your groceries out.. if youd just let them push the cart for you they would unload it and take it back.

you dont even have to tip them.... its fantastic!


Are you serious? This store has some of the friendliest employees and managers I've ever encountered.

You should be glad someone wants to take your cart off your hands after you're done. Sheesh!