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So I work at Publix and in August, my manager interviewed cashiers, such as myself) for a spot in customer service. I got picked as one of the people who were going to get promoted, along with two other people. She said I would be getting trained in late August/early September. (Note* she favorites a lot of people very obviously.) The other two people she picked, she loves, and favorites them big time. So she started training one of them, then trained the second person about three weeks later. About a month later I asked her when I was going to get trained. She said once she gets the other two fully trained. It made me angry, but still had hope I would get trained soon. Around November, I still wasn't trained. I asked her about it then, and she told me after the holidays. I was so frustrated, since the other two were trained months prior and she completely left me out. Today I asked her about it and she said her and the assistant customer service manager decided not to train anyone else anymore. She also said if they do decide to start training again around spring time, she would have to interview everyone again. She also said I had no priority over anyone else.

My question is, is she legally allowed to tell me I am getting trained for a higher position and train the other people and not me, for no reason? And then have to reinterview me later on to even be considered?

She's not the fondest of me (for no reason) but I am definitely not on her favorite's list.

Please help- I want to know if I can go to corporate about.

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That's. your.

Choice. because they cannot tell you when you can go to corporate. Look please dont think jjst because you gef to customer service you will make more money because if you don't.

kiss *** you will not make no more than a cashier.Getting paid in Publix is all about who you no. Look I just left Cuztomer Service and if I was you I would not want it Managers take this for a way to get there dirt done for them when you be the fec.They put you up to treat the baggersand cashiers like fhey are nobody .Management makes the Mega bucks so let them do there on dam dirt


Unless you have a witness she told you that you are S.O.L., sorry but maybe next time you talk to her make sure you have a shovel and rubber boots on because she's giving you a load of ***


like training for customer service is a career move! Who cares?

Try training for a real career, not a glorified cashier in the cash room. If you wanna do that, just apply for a teller job at a bank. Your "promotion" to customer service will net you maybe a 50 cent per hour increase. Sure you can do a lot with the extra $15 per week, assuming you work 30 hrs.

I hope you realize this is not worth getting worked up about. You can walk into almost any other retail establishment and be making more than you're making now to start.

It's a deadend honey. Find something else.


The key words are fair and consistent. As long as she is doing that in a fair and consistent way.

Talk to her about her promise to train you with with another manager(store or assistant manager)to see what she says. Go from there. The majority of store managers left with Publix are still good one and will do the right thing. There are a few young ones who are childish and play favorites or "with each other".

It should be in her advantage to have more people trained to have as back up if she has the payroll to do so or is smart.

You can always reach out to HR department if you feel you need to talk to someone unbiased. Ignore the other two comments.

@Retired Publix Manager

I agree with this very wise sounding gentlemen.

Additionally, consider your own work performance in an unbiased way.

You seem to be the type of person (at first impression) to want to shake the boat. If that personality extends to your work ethic and you underperform, that may be why you have not been advanced yet. Try seeing things from the managers' points of view. As a current Assistant Customer Service Manager, I know that situations change by the week in the stores.

Also, if you were picked third, then I would reasonably believe your interview performance and work performance put you there.

Maybe once they had the others trained, it was not economical to train you just yet.

My advice is to be patient. Everything happens for a reason.


All managers have favorites so you might as well get over it.


Yes, she can decide not to train you at this time and to start interviews all over again in the future. You have no legal leg to stand on, sorry.