After years of being told that the deli RIS for district 18, (Dwayne Bryant's district), treats everyone like *** and get over it, we have had enough of Claire Keating and upper management just blowing her bullying of associates under the rug. She should be demoted and deal with all the daily tasks in the deli....all have changed since she was a deli manager, and not a great one at that.

She gossips to the point of slander and needs to be removed. It is impossible to create a positive work environment with the threat of her visiting your store at any moment.

Mr. George would have kicked her out years ago

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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She is probably in with the drunks and druggies and ex cons who make up most of the management at Publix. Work?

That's for the unfortunate ones who do not make the God-in- Training List. They, the Chosen Ones, can play *** on the pole in the middle of the deli, sit in the back office and talk on cell phone, go get a little nookie in the back with another department manager, walk around the store with an aimless *** look on their face, go smoke cigarettes every 30 minutes, etc.,


Publix is a good company to work for, they are big on giving people second chances. Not all managers are this way though, so I didn't mean it to sound that way in my original post on July 02.

Publix does get around to eventually dealing with bad management.

I don't know your store and the person you are writing about, I am in a different state, but keep letting corporate know about it, try to deal directly with corporate. Keep journals with dates and specific times and where the behavior can be observed on a camera because it would have been recorded.


My customer service manger told me that Dwayne Bryant once asked her out on a date not knowing that she was a customer service manager at another district that he was later transferred to. He is a married man and should not be doing something like that but he also uses his position to get what he wants if you want to be promoted.

They all have stink on each other so no one in going to discipline anyone in upper management.

When they do get caught, they slap each others' hand and sweep it under the rug.


We can all tell you @ her Great Danes, her x husband and her ungrateful kids, we can also tell you details @ cruises she has been on with other Publix employees. I'm sure they'll be thrilled. We learn all this while she is supposed to be training us.


How do we know it is not you who is slandering her because she is after you for not doing a good job?


We are all doing a bad job? This is not just one associate complaint and should not be taken lightly


Why not do a district wide evaluation?


You obviously don't know Claire


Ummmmm this is pissed CONSUMER. Take it to glassdoor.com


Nobody reads glass door. The only way associates get a response is if they access a consumer website