Charleston, South Carolina

My local Publix informed me that Publix has discontinued carrying Breyers Chocolate Crackle.

Why??? I find it at every other supermarket I go to.... Winn-Dixie, Walmart, Food Lion, Ingles, etc.

It's the best ice cream I've ever tasted. My family and friends are now hooked on it. I've bought it in N.C., GA, SC, TN, AL, LA, MS and several other states. Seems like everyone carries it except (now) Publix. You're forcing me and friends and family to go to one of the other stores.

Please bring it back. We miss it.

Thank you

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This is a little tricky problem. I do

under stand that with "new" items space is limited and slower sellers "per the buyer" are to be deleted.

If you can you could special request the item. Since you can buy it else where. The manufactuer has not deleted it. If enough people ask for it. They may be able to get it back into your store.


I agree. I just went in this last week to Publix in Largo and was told they are no longer carrying crackle anymore.

I really enjoyed his ice cream and now am forced to watch the Sweatbay and Winn Dixie Ads.

Will most likly buy more things at those locations when Im shopping for the Crackle. Bring it back Publix.