Boynton Beach, Florida

The Boynton Beach FL. Quantum Village Publix store number 1041 employees seem to be trained to go out of their way to be nasty and completely unhelpful.

The Deli employees are surly and unhygienic; their motto seems to be 'don't just do something, stand there!' The fresh produce employees act as if the customers are invisible and think nothing of moving their carts to block access to items or obstruct the customers at every turn.

Culminating with the excessive rudeness of the cashiers to complete the totally unpleasant shopping experience. I am not surprised they no longer use the slogan - 'Where shopping is a pleasure!'

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I don't think the quality of food at Pubix is very good and the people who work there are not very helpful. I recently tried shopping at Whole Foods Market and the food there was excellent in every respect, much better than anything I ever got at Publix.

All the food I bought at Whole Foods tasted much more fresh and delicious, and the people who work there are happy to help you find what you're looking for. My New Year's Resolution is to start shopping more at Whole Foods Market instead of settling for less at Publix.


I tend to disagree with complaints. I have also had great shopping experiences with Publix service.

Last week I was looking for a product that wasnt on the shelf so I asked someone...she checked in the back and didn't find any.

I continue shopping and walking around and as I was checking out she came running to me with 2 jars. She found the item in a different brand and was checking to see if Icould use that.


I agree that Publix is no longer my choice for shopping, I prefer Whole Foods Market. Everything is better at Whole Foods, the Deli, Produce, Meats, Fish, Customer Service, Cleanliness, everything is so much better and a better value for the money.

The food is fresher, higher quality, it simply tastes so much better, and the people who work there are friendly and helpful. I may travel a bit further to shop there, but it is well worth the trip.

After trying Whole Foods, I have completely stopped shopping at Publix. There is simply no comparison!


Agree that reviewers stating some people complain about anything and it's ridiculous. For me you can't beat the service, cleanliness, bakery etc.

"Where shopping is a pleasure" Come on folks isn't refreshing that the company is owned by the employees. Get over it!!!


I must say that I have also noticed many Publix workers don't appear to be well trained in customer service these days. And, I don't think poor customer service is a ridiculous or trivial complaint. Publix clearly needs to do a better job of training its workers.


People will and do complain about the most ridiculous things on here. Complaints like this make this website seem less credible.


Clean up - aisle 3 - tasha's mouth!


That Publix is the worst. The Deli staff does not have to be mind readers, just clean and courteous would be nice for a start. Is that to much to ask from Publix?