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for some reason publix seemed fit to print a calader with a muslim holiday on it and left out pear harbor day. i called corporate hq and they said it was a holiday calender and that is why they left out pearl harbor day.

this is so ridiculous i cant even form a response to this nonsense. no american calender should have muslim anything on it, and it should not leave out pearl harbor day.

this is a disgrace to all those who lost thier lives fighting for our country. im saying lets all boycott publix untill they figure out whose side they are on and maybe the idiots at corporate will remember what country they live in.

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i lost my job at a newspaper in pensacola fl and publix was really inspecting inserts from it and its supervisors didn't know a thing about carousel technology. i had to work there everyday to know that different supervisors aren't going to comment on when new inserts are being assembled.

you got to work there everyday to know what you're doing. those publix people ar so lazy i won't be surprised that it closes


This kid is an ***. I boycott Publix for reasons like they sell *** food- ya know those nasty gmo's and processed tv dinners with no nutritional value that's making America so obese...

As for your complaint, all I have to say is it is ignorant *** people like you who give America a bad wrap. Muslims are just as American as any christian, buddhist or atheist.

America stands by it's right to free religion and religious tolerance. GET a LIFE


*** u muslims death to you all


Have you for once considered that there are many religions in the world? Not all Muslims are "evil." People like you are a disgrace to AMERICA!

You want to know why people hate Americans? Because of brainless, thoughtless individuals such as yourself. Being a pagan I find that so many Americas forget that we have freedom of religion. Now I just wish I had freedom from religion.

I hate people like you. It's a calender! A CALENDER. I mean can I make this any more clear to you?

IT'S A CALENDER!!!!!!! Who cares?

Pearl Harbor is NOT a holiday! Get a life!


The muslim faith is one of violence and as you can see from the comments here, so are the people.




Pearl harbor day has never been on the calendar in all the years it has been published. Where was your complaint last year or the year before?

The only reason you are so "outraged" now is because of your GOP, Fox "News" style hatred of Muslims.


There are 1.8 million american CITIZENS who consider themselves Muslim. I guess they are just confused or something.


Your point comes across insensitive and arrogant. It is that kind of bashing of the muslim faith that causes a large degree of misplaced hatred in this country.

Also, Pearl Harbor Day isn't necessarily a holiday. While I agree it should be represented on the calendar, there are plenty of holidays that are probably left out that should be on there.

Overall, a boycott is a very foolish and irresponsible method for fixing a problem that can be fixed by simply taking a pen and writing in Pearl Harbor Day in the appropriate square yourself.


I agree with Snow...your comment is ignorant.


First, Pearl Harbor Day is not a holiday--did they put D-Day on the calendar? How about the Battle of Gettysburg?


Second, Muslims can be as American as you or I (whether you like it or not).

I bet many shop at Publix. Muslim is a religion, American is a nationality, you are confused.