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Who asked for a box store in North Titusville? We have Wal-Mart for that.We wanted an expanded Deli, Bakery, Seafood, Sushi.

Instead they are cramed into adjacent isles, making shopping difficult. Still the same offering. Huge aisles of packaged items dwarf the consumer, offering more selections than necessary.

Publix has always been my store of choice. When Winn-Dixie on Singleton Ave, re-did their store within the existing structure, I truly expeceted Publix could surpass them with a new store.

NOT! What a disappointment!!!!!

I'll start shoping at the Knox MacRae Store and Winn-Dixie. You are losing more ol' customers---this new store has none of the warm friendly feeling of the old one!

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I know, I work at the North store, I love my customers. The south store never had that level of customer closeness or dedication to start with.

It had nothing to lose. I am regretting the new store we get in 2012.

Its .. gonna suck.