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I rented a movie from Publix (Blockbuster video box) and today is closed because of the Thanksgiving. That means I can't return the movie in time.

That means that I will be charged $2 instead of $1. It's not about that dollar, it's about the principle. Not happy.

It would be more professional to make an announcement about such things.

It's a rip off on a small scale, but still a rip off.

For example the Red boxes (situated at WalMart, McDonald's) are always available because they don't close and the one at Wallgreens it's outside, so it's accessible at all times.

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It's not publix Responsibility get your *** together no wonder people like you can't stay home be with the family do you have love hate for your family .Wal-Mart got to be open at night time because you don't understand football on thanksgiving day no wonder thanksgiving products get left out you don't have anything to be thankful for


Your ***, the charge schedule is changed for store holidays. You only got charged $1, granted the day after you returned it.


I think it is great that Publix allows their employees off for Thanksgiving, unlike Walmart and other stores. You should have tried to find another Blockbuster box to return it to.


Agree with everything below, Publix is always closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas...Where have you been?

The Blockbuster machines are not owned by Publix, but actually by NCR a company that just bought the blockbuster name for their machine because it sounds better than NCR express...

There's always a paper stuck to the machine with a code for a free second night...

And like below said, GOD FORBID us associates get THREE days off a year to spend with our families...

Get a life...


Its not all about you, you know. SOME people would like time off for family too.

Besides, its only $1. If it really is THAT much, then you probably shouldn't be spending money in the first place :p


Blockbuster box. *** YOU!!!


god forbid publix allow their employees three days off a year to spend with their family. ***.


if the store is closed due to holiday, they have an agreement with blockbuster that you get a free day. if you dont like it, go to walmart.


You must remember that Publix has no control over the Blockbuster stations hours. There is no possible way that Publix could ratify the situation. This is Blockbusters fault and not Publx's.


think ahead you should have a brain


If you had read the disclaimer, the signs posted in the stores, on the blockbuster machine or on either company's website you would know that the BB lets you have a FREE night on the holidays on which the store is closed. Heck, I got an email reminding me that I should rent extra movies because I'd get a free night.

Besides, they are BB machines, not publix machines. All publix does is charge BB a fee to put their machines there.

Guess what...publix is closed on xmas too, and if you rent a movie on the 24th you'll get another free night.


you are dumb. thats really all i can say..

since publix has existed they have always been closed on thanksgiving and christmas.

You would think you would have thought that out before hand.. its clearly the dollar that you are worried about the only principle here is that you dont think before you act or speak.


omgeeeeze. Really.

Publix allows the box in there store as a service to customers.

They are not blockbusters. Learn to read blockbuster disclaimers and quit blaming Publix


They do not charge late fees for days they are closed. If you had been patient and waited too see if you were charged, you would not have needed to post negative comments - however patients is tough for all of us during the holidays - God Bless.

Also - There is a sign on the counter.


"It's not about that dollar, it's about the principle."

What principle is that? The world must do my thinking for me?

Let's face it, it's the dollar.


This is not a ridiculous complaint you are the one that ir ridiculous both you losera are.


why would someone rent a movie the day before a holliday, knowing its closed the next day and then complain that they cant return the movie on time and has to pay another $1.00 ????


Publix has closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas for as long as they have been in business. Ridiculous complaint.