We use to get cakes at Publix but not anymore, We don't shop there anymore as well.

8 inch cakes are actually 7 inches wide

7 inch cakes are only 6 inches wide

and so on.

Wedding cake such as 18 inch cakes are only 16 inches wide

16 inch wedding cakes are only 14 inches wide. And so on.

People are paying big money for cakes especially wedding cakes and getting less cake then what is paid for and expect.

Isn't this false advertising, stealing, being ripped off?

Something to think about before getting a cake there.

I also noticed that cookies are smaller but the price has gone up and so much more.

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Not true!!


When you bake an 8" cake in an 8" pan, it will not come out of the pan at 8"... It will usually come out at about 7 1/4". Same with other sizes.


Did you know that money does not add up to what is listed either for example a 20 dollar bill only equals 17.75 they do that so people who have trouble counting has a couple extra chances


Have you ever bought lumber? Most lumber doesn't measure what it is listed as either.

For example a board called a 2x4 actually only measures roughly 1 1 /2 x 3 1/2 inches. What did you do go in and measure all the cakes?