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Today my wife and I did our usuall routine. We went over to Treasure Island Publix and parked out side on the corner.

We always bring our 2 greyhounds with us and take them across the street for a quick bathroom break. Then we go inside Publix to buy Sunday dinner. It takes no more than 10-15 minutes for the dogs to finish. When we turned around headed back to our car it was pulled out across the street by a towing company (Prestage Towing).

The driver must have pounced on our car as soon as he saw us go acroos the street. I asked the tow driver to please stop and he said if I had $50.00 cash and could preduce it in 5 minutes he would stop. I ran inside Publix and spoke with the general manager. She told me they paged my license # on the loud speaker and when no one responded she ordered the tow.

I explained we shop there almost every sunday and bring the dogs for over 3 years. I asked her if she could help because I didn't have the $50.00 cash plus we had the dogs. She would not. Our car was towed with all my keys and the water for the dogs.

We were so upset we forgot everything in the car. We were stranded for over a half an hour getting a ride and then paying $155.00 to get our car out of the towing yard. We noticed the tow driver hiding behind a large bush embankment waiting for people like us with dogs to go across to the park. He calls the manager and tells her there is a car he has been watching for awhile what should he do?

They know were not in the store but they go through the protocall by calling out the license # to cover them selves. Again, we were outside tops 15 minutes and our car was already on the tow truck which means Prestege Towing jumped on it and the Publix manager would not listen to "great customers" at all. What a horrible experience.

Can you help us by telling our story? Michael & Sharon Karahalis 727-415-5977 (Bay News Nine On Your Sida)

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Publix is big on towing.they will watch you like an eagle here in University Blvd ,Tuscaloosa,AL .Next thing you know your car is being pulled by the towing company.They will hire some parking boy to get your car if they see you away from the store.


You probably shouldn't have parked there. Don't bring dogs in the store unless you need them.


You are not entitled to park wherever you feel like leaving your car! You can solve the problem by letting the dogs urinate on your own property.

Then you can leave them at home when you go shopping. I wish more people paid consequences and were inconvenienced when they took liberties they aren't deserving of.


working at publix as an hourly is the worst thing imaginable - And now the full time mgrs have a class action lawsuit for the illegal way px calculates overtime - breaking every law codified in the Nat'l Labor Relations Act. Backpay (or as I call it PayBack) will be ten of millions of dollars, with annual corrected overtime pay running about two mollion a years.

If Banks got caught doing this they would be closed down and someone would go to Jail. Px corporate are no better than thiefs and their store mgrs are paid mouth pieces that try to cover their ***.

When this lawsuit settles - UNION for all hourly!!!


Seriously you wanted Publix to pay for you parking you'r own car in a tow away zone. How is this Publix's fault you are the *** *** that parked in the wrong spot. Be a real man and take responsibilty for you'r own actions don't blame Publix for you being a fool.


8 On Your Side, Channel 9, BBB and their corporate in Orlando. Now does it add up for you.

They refunded the towing fee in a money order on 08/16/12.

The T.I. store said they were sorry but they do not compensate for the humiliation we recieved from the towing company or the store manager.


I don't know why you wouldnt already contacted the news if this story was true. Something is not adding up with this story.


This is a (barely)legal scam. The Publix manager(most likely)is in league with the towing company and gets a "commission" on all cars towed.

Their excuse is that non-customers are using parking spaces meant for valid customers. I suggest you do two things: find out the number of Publix corporate and complain about the scam and then tell everyone you know about it and suggest they not shop there---as you no longer will.