Richardson, Texas
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Ad said 5.99 Publix Deli, BBQ Rotisserie Chicken, Fresh Chilled or Hot, From the Publix Deli, each

Save up to 1.40

When I checked out with my BBQ Rotisserie Chicken they charged me the regular price of $7.39.

The manager said it was because it was Lemon Pepperand not BBQ. The ad was misleading...I thought all were BBQ'd.

I have been a customer of this Publix for years and love shopping here, I jst thought that the ad was tricky and not very clear. One would think that a chicken BBQ'd was BBQ'd regardless of the flavor.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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At this time there is no Publix in Texas.


Please print this page and take it to the deli manager.

The price was different but in the morning it was all the same raw chicken

Give them code 201

You will receive a refund


So, because you are incapable of reading a sign, and you don't understand that rotisserie is a type of chicken and BBQ is a flavor, that is somehow Publlix fault?

To barbecue a chicken, one would have to have a barbecue grill which Publix does not have.

Does it hurt to be as *** as you are?


The ad was very clear and nothing misleading about it. It clearly said BBQ for $5.99 and if you have been a Publix shopper for years, then you know that there are always 3 flavors which are BBQ, Lemon Pepper and Mojo. These are called ROTISSERIE, because they are cooked in a Rotisserie, not a BBQ pit.

When you noticed the error, you could have taken the chicken back to the Deli and gotten the one on sale.