Atlanta, Georgia
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Every Publix I go bags the goods, stuffing all they possibly can get in the bag. They do not even separate perishables, keep cleaning products together, Packing the bag with 15 items if they can, with no regard about separating things.

It annoys me so bad I would just rather go out of my way to Kroeger even if I spend more for my products. Also, the deli sandwiches have really gone down hill. Every time I get a sandwich, they don't listen, they do whatever. I got a ton of mayo on both sides, when I got home, the whole inside just slid out.

Now, the family all says the same thing, so we go to Subway. We use to love Publix subs.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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I have reuseable bags and the issue at my Publix is that unless your on top of it they want to put everything in seperate plastic bags anyway.But the REALITY is that, if this petty stuff is what we got to complain is pretty good! 8)


I don't care what store you shop at. The baggers have no clue how to bag.

Bread, eggs, fruit (that cost as much as a small car) get put on the bottom and get squashed. I stay on top of the bagging and make sure everything is done to my satisfaction.

I only shop Publix because it is the best place to shop. The store brands are great and save $$.


How about you get some reusable bags and stop wasting plastic by putting 2 items in a bag it's a ridiculous waste to the environment. I mean who cares if your meat is with your cans, or if your cleaning products with packaged items I mean were you planning to eat the package too? Stop the waste!!!


Yeah, as a bagger we're pressured a lot from management to raise our IPB (Items Per Bag, which is a calculated crock of *** because it's such an arbitrary system. It's really annoying though, but I'm sorry, we get yelled at constantly for "Improper Bagging".


hey most front service personnel are either challenged in some way or is a kid.

dont like it then do something about it, like speak up or bag your own.

it can be done.

instead you write this complaint cause your are too weak to say what is truly on your mind.

dont worry about hurting anyones feelings just get it off your chest.

good luck with that!


Obvouisly, You must be a bagger with a bad attitude. I have tried to bag my own stuff and they never want to let me so, I don't even need to come to your store.


the baggers are only doing their jobs. the managers tell them to put as many items per bag as possible to help reduce the use of plastic bags, if you don't like how they bag, bag the stuff yourself!