Miami, Florida

I have worked for publix for 21 yrs,and have been a good employee.Over the past few months,i have had problems with a manager in the Deerfirld beach distribution center,and not sure how to handle this gentleman.He is not the most liked individualbecause of his dimeaner,and how he deals with the employees in which he is in charge of.He is quick to judge you,and has presumed you guilty reguardless of facts.It is the psycological principals that he presses upon you,as he tries to get you to admit something that is not factual, and then gets hostile when he knows that he can't get it by you.The fact of the matter is he himself has some deep issues that need addressed.A good manager is a person who listens to their employees,and not one who try's to to tear down ones self respect and dignity.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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oh my God people....... money and power.

really. They are grocery store managers they did not cure cancer.

What money what power? They work in a grocery store.


Not everyone wants to be a manager. It is not all about power and money.