Publix is our favorite grocery mart as we always get fresh items from the store. But lately, we have been witnessing humiliating behavior from one of the store members who is at the meat section.

From last 2-3 times, whenever we ask him to cut the whole chicken into pieces he gives frosty looks. He doesn't even properly cut the chicken, does it for the sake. This time when we politely asked him, he waved his head with rage and rammed the chicken on his table and he was well aware that we were watching him. Seeing his behavior, In fact we wanted to just leave it and walk away.

The pieces were not the way we requested him to cut into, they were shabbily chopped. Moreover, this is not the first time we have faced such situation.

Except him all other members have been polite and very helpful. Not sure if he was having a bad day or it is something else but the behavior has surely been more than rude.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Chicken.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If you do not like the way he cut the chicken,Don't be lazy take it home and cut it your self.I cut mine at home all the time, thy are busy in the meat dept. and the already have chicken cut for you in the case. don't be a *** and take the one out of the case,


It's not about being lazy. It is his JOB to cut the meat.

That's what he gets paid for. If a customer requests their chicken cut in a certain way that's how it should be done and without attitude. Who cares if YOU cut your own meat.

Good for you! But in this country we have what is known as customer service and we have the right to complain if things aren't done correctly.


Like I said don't be lazy or buy the 8 piece cut up,Or just keep crying like a little baby, you are one of those people that no one can please in life.


No one likes high maintenance people.