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I always shop at S0652 located on Pembroke Road in Miramar Florida. They have numbers to get cold cuts.

You grab a number and have to wait for ever to be served. Why because all the deli staff is either making sandwiches or serving from the hot box. Today I waited over 20 minutes just to get 1/2 pound of ham, while 3 people had sandwiches made and 5 customers came after me and got served hot food. that is a ***, dumb system they have.

From now on I rather go to Win Dixie, Sedanos Supermarket, Doris Italian store, Bravo or other store that they have numbers for all services. I believe that that is a *** dumb system they have.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of deli department. Publix needs to "to have numbers for all deli servises" according to poster's claims.

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It is extremely frustrating to have to wait 20 minutes to get a half pound of ham, while other customers get waited on first. The only suggestion I can offer is to order your needs from the deli using the online system and all you have to do is walk up to the pick up area, retrieve your ham and be on your way. No waiting, no hassles, no problem

to Anonymous #1014233

There is a number dispenser,Take a number and wait in line untill they call your number, If thy skip your number then you ask why your number was not called.( be nice about it) thy do work hard.

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