West Palm Beach, Florida

I have never had a problem at a publix that the manager couldn't take care of. All you *** out there - GET A LIFE!!!!

- STOP BLAMING EVERYONE ELSE FOR YOUR OWN *** BEHAVIORS. I don't how many times ( but it is/was many) that I have to hear one of you complain about nothing, and argue to the manager as if it is the manager's fault. Go and yell at what really made you mad - not the store employees. Don't park your car in the the no parking zone, don't woory about the rain - you won't melt, better yet stey in your car and wait for it stop or use an umbrella!

Stop arguing about a prodcut that didn't sell, and you were the only one buying it, complained about the price, and wonder why the store doesn't carry it anymore! MOVE ON!!

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If you would please e-mail our office publix-inc@gmail.com with your name and address we would like to send you a gift card for $100 I am very sorry this happened to you just explain that I sent you an email and put this code 7389159


I ran across this posting coincidentally and it is really a shame to see things like this. I love my job and I enjoy the customers I see on a daily basis, as well as the new faces I get to meet.

Personally, I think my customers are great. That's just my two cents' worth.

As far as any complaints are concerned, if you are even slightly dissatisfied (this includes both employees and customers), you should definitely address it. That's what our company is all about.


i work at publix and it is the worst job ever, the managers are *** and never treat there eomployees with respect. avoid it at all costs


Well, if people like "bevfilm" were polite like this person who wrote the letter than they won't be giving the *** attitude. "bevfilm's" parents obviously never taught them manners and they think they can push people around, or maybe "bevfilm" was bullied at school so takes her anger out on others.


You see, this is the problem with Publix employees/management, they don't care about the customer experience. It is the employee's attitude that is all too common amongst staff at Publix. Their attitude is basically "shut the *** up and take it."