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As usual the store #361 have been very unpleasant to many times I have problems with the service and I did complaint about it but the situation still same have not changed and it getting out of hands some time...whether short of staffs or the employees are really did not have enough training..

Today I stopped in to get few things and when I check out then one item do not have a proper code and the cashier name (Cheryl) try to manual in several times and did not have any chance the bagger took my fruit went to the back to look for the code and when she came back with a different one with sticker on...My fruit was nice ripe and cleaner she brought back the one small and looks like got stoop on by the dog I told her was not same one she took but the sticker on it also did not work I can imagine after all that I told her to cancel that I do not want because it was not the one I was pick out she stood there and trying to argued with me and looking at me as stupid she call the customer service manager come over and start over again about the same issue ..I told her I do not want it anymore ..and that was very frustrated when the employees did not have full training and knowledge of what customer wanted I believe this very bad behavior ( no respected ) much different then before after all I have shopped at Publix since 1985 I have noticed that they do not really care for what customer wants and never listen to what we saying too bad I would have to go some where else and that store # 361 always been a problem every time I came in to shop...

There are many places on earth not just Publix so just trying to treat other human being with respect and dignity of your service to remain of what your moral listening to what customers says not to make people to be frustrated for what you said...

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: 5804 Bee Ridge Road, Sarasota, FL 34233

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