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My husband and I went to publix last week for grocery shopping my husband already checked out our grocery. but I have one item I had to pay cash at the same cashier my husband checked out.

It was $4.19 total I gave the cashier $10 and she gave me change $5.76. As I walk I count it and it was short 5 cents.

I called her attention to this but she denied any mistake

while I showed her the coins. She embarrassed me like I was a thief, trying to cheat Publix out of a nickel!!!badexperience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Cashier.

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I would *** about a nickel. If you want my business, then treat me right when I *** about being cheated out of a nickel.

If you DON'T want my business, that is fine too.

Oh, and if other posters have an opinion about my opinion, I really don't care.




Dave "a person of color" only racist people say that. I guess that would make you a person of no color, flavor, and common since!

For your information white people have been stealing and coping off of "people of color" forever. I am so sick and tired of you *** racist people. You really need to get a life. I came on this site just to see what type of complaints were out there and you went completely off the topic.

What the **** does "people of color" have to do with the subject of this complaint.

As an African American/Irish women, I have to say that I am disgusted with the youths trend of wearing their pants inappropriately, but it is diverse youth races that have adopted this trend. Maybe you should open a book or search the web and get the facts of life before you judge another human being!!!


Lol. That was funny.

But not to take away from your point or anything but as many white people are just as crazy as a black person. It ain't about copying off ****. But slot of black people are rude as he'll to white people in retail locations.

Over experienced it several times. White people are the minority now.


Well, if this person is going to use other identities they need to be exposed and they are the ones with no life.


Wow you have no.... life if your going to get that upset over a *** nickel.

How about this ill send you a dime so that you can feel better about yourself.

If I was your husband or family member of yours for that matter I would be embarrassed to even be around you b/c you agrue over a *** nickel. Get a life and a clue for that fact.


if your that upset about a nickel then you need to get a life. how about this ill send you a dime so that youll feel better about yourself.


You people need to get a life. Dont you have anything better to do than this?

Trollin a complaint site, contacting moderators, commenting on every post....Dave... Along with that life get a clue.

If all yau can do is complain...DONT SHOP THERE!!! :cry :cry :cry


Don't be a coward E.E. I have written to the moderators and they have confirmed that you wrote that 19:50 comment.

Funny how you complain about someone making a mistake and not admitting it adn you make one your self and don't admit it. I suspected this because E.E, and P.E's post were at the same time.

I asked about the October 13 post and they said it was you. You posted three times that day.


why do people of color ALWAYS say it "must be the color of my skin" Maybe it is just because you're a ***. P.S. Tell your kind to pull up their friggin pants.


Yeah right,I'm not *** about the

N-I-C-K-E-L. She made a mistake and not

willing to admit it instead embarrased me by saying she gave me the exact change while she's WRONG and saying it with a lots of customer in line..hearing it that

I'm the one that wrong.And I'm not Kiddin

about this.


I would like to know who rewrote E.E.'s original complaint and turned it into an uncalled-for racial comment. E.E.

was out and nowhre near a computer at 19:50. You

ought to be ashamed of yourself.


It was a simple mistake, don't anyone say anything about how five cents is not that much. It was a simple mistake where i miscounted what change she gave me, but instead of treating it like a mistake she treated it like I was trying to steal five cents.

Must be because of the color of my skin. SHe thinks that stealing five cents in is what my people do.


can't believe you bitched over a nickle.