Nashville, Tennessee

I worked at Publix in Nashville at Belle Meade (hill center). most of my mangers and bosses there we great but one was not.

Levi Vegas was a total *** and a## H.

he was very mean to me and criticized me in front of other employees and asked me if I were slow. Was also putting e down and then stated cutting my hours and said if it was up to him he would never of hired me and kept encouraging me to find another job and saying you are not going to make it and saying he was going to ask the other manager abouting getting rid of me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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I agree, A lot of Supermarket Supervisors or bosses all across the country tend to act like this, they blame their frustration and mean behavior on their employees and that's not right at all. It's like they act like an Anger management from a movie scene, just because they have hard working tasks such as placing orders and things, but still it's no excuse.

Good luck to you.


He is a bully!