Sarasota, Florida

It amazes me the amount of *** that is talked at publix.Things are always embellished and exageratted. There is a particular manager who is the ring leader of gossip.

She constantly talks about other people and then blames others for it. She is always putting others who are doing better in their personal lives down with her miserable life. She will do what ever it takes to save herself. Even if the other person gets fired or in trouble.

She never can fess up and take the blame for her own actions its never her fault. She does an awesome job of always playing the victim and says everyone is against her. She is a conniving and vengeful. It is Publix policy to leave personal problems at home and yet she brings it with her everyday.

She will demene you in front of customers and ha stold customers how awful a job her associates are doing. This is her fault if she would train them better this would not be a problem if she herself would know what she was doing. She tells others how she can do a much better job but has yet to prove it.

I think she does not deserve to be a manager and is giving a good company a bad name.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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I was surprised to hear two people in upper management and another staffer in an aisle talking about kicking another staffer's *** The few customer skirmishes were nowhere as volatile. I must be old and invisible.

I almost left the store in fear of a battle. What happened to non-public rants?


all you people that come on to here to complain are to much of a chicken *** to stand up for yourselves, hold firm or be proud.

if something bothers you that is done by anyone, manager or not, you need to speak up. say whats on your mind.

if you cant join the good ole boys club then you need to intimidate them.

i personally dont give a *** if i offend them cause they have offended me, ***'em.

this is my 2nd time around at publix and i will be damned if i will put up with some b*llsh*t manager or associate.

i've done too many things in my life to put up with these punk*sses.


*** publix


wow :eek


I agree with this. There are many people at publix who will do anything to get ahead. There is gossip at every store that is mostly made up by people who are jealous or bored.