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I have worked for publix for 10 yrs. and have never worked with such lazy people in my life. There are only a couple of people in our deli that actually care about the business and the customers.

The others just like to talk about their co-worker's and try to make themselves look and feel better about themselves. They are trying to get ahead by making others look bad. I have noticed that the closer that I and the other few get to management that we are disrespected and rumors are spread. We just keep ignoring it b/c we know that if we respond to it we will feed the hostility. This is an excellent way to vent. It's just sad that people can be so mean and try to take away your joy. If they want to get ahead they need to talk to their manager and get things started for themselves.

People who try to take away other people's livelihoods are just plain mean b/c to them this is just a job not a career. But to me it is hard being a single mom w/ no extra income coming in. This is my career and this is how I am providing for my daughter. Thank you for listening.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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I know exactly what you mean, I hear you


:roll It's a FACT the ones who don't do anything get promoted. If you look around life, the successful/rich aren't doing anything except counting their money while the drones are working their butts off for very little pay. My suggestion is: Why don't you do less, order the other employees around, come up with a new way to run the department, and have a new job outside of Publix lined up.


someonewhohasaheart, I asked the admin because I suspected that you are the OP. It turns out the OP, (person who wrote this letter and you are the same person.) Or atleast you have the same IP address.

He has a a point in this letter (your letter) you are talking about how poorly coworkers do their work. Just do your job properly and the promotion will come like the Publix employee said.

Also don't post comments with other people's names. When caught it makes you look foolish. Also for your information Ghostbuster is like eleven years old and does not have a job. Just shows you how foolish you are by not checking the facts before posting. I suspected that someonewhohasaHEART, and Deliclerk were the same people but did not post anything without proof. That way I don't make a fool of myself like you did.


I have worked for Publix long enough to know that whether you decide to take the path to management or not is YOUR choice. The people who get recognized for management are those with "management skills".

Complaining to management 24/7 about your co-workers and/or customers is not considered a good management skill. I know from working customer service that the deli counter is one of the hardest positions to work at any store, let alone Publix, where the attention is on premier customer service.

My hat goes off with kudos for a job well done to anyone who can deal with the mob scene in front of the deli counter with a smile. Hang in there, if you are looking for promotion, your time will come.


maybe ghostbuster is one of those lousy and lazy people you are talking about..and what kind of person makes insults of how good a mother is teaching her daughter..I don't know you and I don't think anyone else here does..I'm sorry when I read your letter..I felt where you were coming from and then I read this judgemental @hole's comment...sorry that you have to work with those people..I work for publix and put up with a lot of *** from bad for working for ten years...I give kudos for staying with the company for so for not moving up to sounds like you finally decided Publix was the company for you and I hope you make it..don't listen to the haters..cuz they will pull you down..I'm sorry there are not more people who believe in doing their job and doing it well..and people who treat other people with the respect they deserve.


You could not have been doing a good job if after ten years you did not move up. Since you are writing this letter perhaps you are one of the employees that are talking bad about co-workers to make them look bad in hopes to get a promotion. Good lesson to teach your daughter.