Lighthouse Point, Florida
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Dear PUBLIX, Enough with asking for donations. I am sick of being asked for a dollar every time i go to check out it is really annoying.

I don't have money to be donating to charity. How about PUBLIX just donating money from their own profits instead of asking their customer to do it for them. Every year i dread shopping at PUBLIX when they start their donation drive.

I am considering just not shopping there anymore and i am sure many people feel the same as myself. Please take this advise to heart if you don't want to go the way of the DODO.

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Just tell them you already donated last time you were in the store. I too am in Publix a lot and although I am sick of them constantly collecting for one charity or another, I realize it is not the cashiers fault.

They are forced to ask us by the company. It’s not only at Publix, I’ve noticed it happening at more and more stores.

So annoying, I donate what I can when I can and feel almost bullied at these stores. Enough already!!!


I agree. I shop at Publix at least twice per day and each time even though my purchase amount may be for 1 item at $2.00 or less they still ask for a donation and then they let out a loud Whoo Hoo or something like that if you give.


In my experience when the Publix cashiers ask for a donation and you say "no", they seem to be bummed out about the answer... And if you have to shop there few times a day,this may happen few times a day.

It ruins my mood that they treat you differently if you don't donate by giving you a different emotional vibe.

Publix managers should have a chat with the cashiers...and tell them to be super friendly with customers regardless of whether they donate or not. The cashiers should emotionally support any decision you make ; be it to donate or not to donate.


Trust me we don’t care if you donate or not, we don’t give a *** We hate asking for donation continuously for 8-9 hours. So please shut the *** up


When a store solicits you for a donation you just need to loudly---loudly---exclaim "no, why would you beg me for money? Do I look dumb-enough to do something like that?" Or, something similar. Stores begging for money at checkout are offensive and irritating.


I'm seriously considering not shopping at publix . The constant begging at the doors plus the constant harassment asking for money is really very off putting/annoying


I was just asked for a donation at checkout and I too am VERY annoyed. This is beginning to be the practice in many places. Next time, when asked to donate, I'll just walk out and leave the groceries sitting there.

@Annoyed Publix customer

Is it really hard to understand that cashier aren’t at fault if we don’t ask it can even hurt our chances of getting a raise


It make people feel pressured... I say, just place a "Donation" box near the exit door


What a bunch of whiners! Public's donates a ton of monies out of their profits already.

They collect for good causes to supplement the donations they already give.They ask to give you the chance to give if you want. You don't want to donate?

Fine! Move along people!


I TOTALLY agree. I'm fed up with it.

Today I was accosted by some athletic types who just got in my face. Publix defends their cashier and outside solicitation by telling you customers appreciate the opportunity to give. LOL. I say, "no" the minute they open their mouths.

Thing is, there is nowhere else to shop as Publix has a monopoly in my county. It's either them or Walmart.


I agreed. Publix charges very high prices for their items and they still want us to donate every time we shop there.

It is really annoying and they should stop it. They should donate from their profits. I believe their cashiers are even more embarrassed because they’re being forced to ask. If anyone wants to donate, it’s their decision, it shouldn’t be imposed on anyone.

If I go to Publix 3 times in a day, 3 times they ask me for money.

This is not right. So please STOP.


I agree with this writer wholeheartedly. I, too am contemplating not shopping at Publix anymore.

They should be happy to have my business. I hate that annoying bell! I feel like they’re trying to force you to donate.

If you don’t get the bell, that means you didn’t donate. How pathetic,....Use your profits to donate and stop harassing customers.


This way i can donate in small amounts, like it.


I politely say "no thanks" and that is the end of that. I would feel like human excrement if I felt I had to be "loud and rude" about it, as someone else suggested. Definitely voice your opinion, but do so through the proper venue: Corporate and not with a minimum wage cashier who is asking only because their job requires it.


MY local Ollie's store has been panhandling for "donations for the kids"for some time now and the Kroger and a couple of other stores do so on occasion. The best response when they do this is to be rather rude and in a loud voice say something like "don't be silly.

Why would anyone give money for some unknown BS?" The usual response from the cashier is that they are forced to ask. That's their problem. Begging for money in a retail store is offensive and an insult. Don't be shy about expressing your opinion of what they are doing.

And, of course don't shop at such an establishment. I have seen people actually give a dollar and in one instance I asked the girl who agreed to give a dollar if she knew what the charity was she gave the dollar to.

Her answer was "no." Go figure. Some people are dumb as a shoe.




I was asked for $5 today at the Publix checkout at Champions Gate, Florida. I was very embarrassed when I had to say no, in front of the other people in the line behind me, it's awful to be put in such a compromising position!


I also shop there and I'm going to start shopping at Piggly Wiggly or Walmart because I won't get hassled every freaking time I go to the grocery store if it's not you not a way it's some kind of cancer deal or March of Dimes I'm getting sick of it is public selling groceries are working for charities forgot to say quit this nonsense everyone knows the money goes in the back pockets of the CEOs hardly anything Goes to the actual thing it's supposed to support and when are they going to find a cure for cancer ?my God it's been around forever... you think they would have had enough money trillions of dollars to cure cancer.

Doesn't anyone think that is kind of fishy ?

Charities are big businesses and I believe that they prey on vulnerable people you cannot tell me after years and years and years of donations after donations after donations they still haven't made any headway in curing cancer in the medical field if they would legalize marijuana all this would be over with . Everyone knows cannabis oil cures cancer .


I agree. They should not be asking this and putting us in the position of answering yes or no to the charity they are pushing while being held captive at the checkout. That is worse than showing up at our door or calling, when at least we can not answer, hang up, think about it, or decide in privacy rather than in public.