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Ok, I work for Publix. For nearly 4 years.

I am a hard worker. I've worked in five different stores, the store where I'm working at present is the best I've being with. My problem with Publix is most manager can be your best buddies but at the same time they are slowly twisting the knife in your back. I've being denied promotion, only been off sick once.

Receive excellent performance reports every six months. I finally had to call Human Resources to get some advice. The problem with this 12 - 13 week bonus, is store managers only look out for themselves.

Do they really care about the worker, I know they care for their own people (family; friends and other store mangers next of kins) I've worked with a few and all have said the same thing, if it wasn't for the shares and the bonus money, they would never work for Publix. Would like to know other people views

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There is a big world outside of Publix. And with it a lot of opportunity.


It's not easy, I never expected it to be. I am driven, eager, and set my own goals.

During my first year I worked part-time in produce, deli, bakery, and cashier.. (earning just above minimum wage)

I graduated from a state university with a degree in psychology. However,I chose to make publix my career.

Everyday I try to be better than I was the day before, and I am.

I was promoted to full-time within 8 months, and I'm scheduled to take my test for management.

I have no family in the company. I have no connections. All I have is a family that I promised to support, and I will.

Don't raise a lazy hand to point at a situation that you feel is unfair!

Be the best employee in whatever role you're in, then ask for more. If you think you'll fail, you're right.

If you think you'll succeed, you're right. Go get it!


I think you are drinking the green kool-aid, But do whatever you like,pull down pants,swallow,etc....Do not show and tell keep up the good work.


Key to Success working at publix;

l. Kiss ***


Have a family member work for publix who has influence

3. Be politically connected to the chain


I had worked at Publix in St. Johns, FL store 1099.

I will never work there again, or I will NEVER shop there again. I was a grocery clerk part time, but I was told I would be full time. They other grocery clerks were very rude, mean, and unprofessional toward me. I was the new guy, so I would asked them where items were, and they would not answer me.

It would be embarrassing with customers present.

They would also mock me, when i was not looking. This all started when i told them i am a christian


It is totally impossible to get full time. No matter how much you kiss ***.


The real truth about promotion is how you perform,(1-pull your pants down and do what your manager tells you to do,Bend over(2- and if you perform on manager make sure you swallow,(3- do not scream that is a no-no(4-and do not show and tell,and thank him or her for a job will done.Thank you.


Wow it sounds like you all came from Wal-Mart, where laziness is rewarded over hardwork. I just went to my orientation after 5 years being away from Publix and I look at it as I'm coming back home.

Yes the managers can be tight but they have a small company comared to Wal-Mart and are defeating a behemoth at every turn. I worked hard and averaged 35+ hours only because my managers knew how hard I worked. If you're lazy why would they give you hours? Why don't all who complain just go to Wal-Mart and see the difference.

You get in trouble for helping a customer, maybe thats yalls problem, you don't want to help the customer which is a shame. Work hard and show you deserve what you want instead of just expecting it to be given to you.

This is the problem with self-entitled America. Just want handouts and never work for what you want.


I work hard, have an open work schedule and get *** for hours. They do not reward the good workers with more hours.

The lazy still get decent hours and do nothing to deserve them.

I have fought with this company about hours and have hit pretty much hit a dead end. I am waiting out my 1 year and then I am leaving.


I have been working for supermarkets for 23 years four different companies n I would say Publix is the worst out of all of them...when they say great place to work its a scam five star place to work ....if you like working 6:30am then the next day work untill 12:00 at night then the next day 10am to 7 pm n never have the same hours a week ever ...you don't know when to eat dinner u never get enough sleep cause your body is all over the place .........the people running Publix has no clue what there doing....every day I go to work there's a new *** rule that has nothing to do with making any money or making your job better.....they take things that take ten minutes to do n simple ....n make it to a three hour project .....when I first started ten people work in dept. n now we r done to 4 people with more business ....they pay you nothing .....if you can't find a job take it but you better keep looking cause they will take over your whole life for pennies .....you say now I know why super markets always closing down or changing there name cause they have people running it acting like they can make the wheel rounder lol..we having been selling food for 100s of years n they still don't know what there doing .......this place is the worst place to work for I would never tell someone to work there ......put this way you can call out as many times as u want but if your late 4 minutes 12 times a year they fire you lol...in the past 90 days there has been 90 new rules and I'm not like making this up I have to rite it down nbefore I start to do anything I have to check the rules makes sure they don't fire me for taking a tall rack out n not a short one...I can keep going n going how dumb this place is Publix keeps this up there is not going to be a Publix not because they have no money but there is no body that wants to work for them........they can't find any one to replace all the people quitting lol the place is a scam a joke and there can careless about there customers n there workers...we have to leave all the *** on the meat n they charge top dollar for it lol......

@Dumb man for working at publix

Ya i.work for.fla.publix we have 20 yr old customer.service.girls who are.emotioally.drivin and have.no.sense.of matureity...managers are like stone.made.no hi hello any form of greeting toward empolyees and lazy horriable wirkers hiring kids that.hide.are stoned.on the.job bad.mouth management..and.no.consequences...@ half.dont speak.english..so.how.can.help customers or.co.worker serious.come.on ...work.outside.no.drinks.allowed.its 100 plus.degrees out...told.not.allowed.drinks.water bottles.on us.or.drinkin in front.of.customers ...why dehaydration a problem...i am.a.old man i.work.my.***.off.for.a.fortune.500.business.for.8.25 an.hr....WOW.WOW.WOW...A sad shame.on publix.disgrace

@Dumb man for working at publix

Kroger sat #1 in Atlanta for nearly 80 years before Publix took that spot. There have been hundreds if not thousands of current and retired Publix employees who became millionaires cutting meat, stocking shelves, and ringing up customers.

How can you say this company does not know what it is doing?


Publix is not a good company to work for. Even the part-time HS kids will tell you so, they don't know better because for most its their first job but they can tell what's right or wrong!

As a deli part-timer I get approx. 17 hrs per week and even after asking for more for two months I am not getting them. But, they did hire more associates! That means even less hrs.

I can't sustain myself from 17 hrs. We are chronically understaffed. You come in and rush from customer to customer for hrs at the time, then, at 10 pm you clean for another 2 hrs. The schedule will never remain the same.

Morning/day/evening shifts change from week to week, there is no consistency. You are expected to stay "ready" to be called in at a moments notice. Management does not want to hear from you or address any of the associates' concerns, training is non-existent. You are a work horse nothing more.

I can't recommend this company, even to someone without skills.

I am sorely disappointed and going back to my profession without looking back. :sigh


does anyone notice most of you guys are just part timers?.... food for thought.


I used to work for Publix and so did my mother. You should realize that much of their work force is part time and very few workers are offered full time jobs.

And of course, at least in the case of my employment, nepotism is a factor in promotions.

Part time workers are crucial to Publix's operation and if you do work at Publix, more importantly full time, you should know better.


Ask how many of the part timers WANT full time but watch less qualified, less caring, less time with the company employees advance ahead of you! 7 years of having that carrot dangled in my face.

It's MY company too.

I should be able to work full time if I want to dedicate that many hours to MY company. Food for thought......


do a self evaluation, maybe its u


We do not care about our employees, even though we say we do. All we care about is making money.

We try to keep the cost of food down with our buy one, get one so we can out beat Wal-mart. You are nothing but a number that costs us money. The harder and faster you work, the faster we get richer. Maybe we can be richer then Bill Gates.

We thank you for the work you do, thank you for donating to the United Way and March of Dimes. It makes us look good in the comunity and is a good tax write off. And again thank you.

Keep up the good work! (corporate)


I think it all really just depends on the people you work with. I love my job at publix.

Everyone is so nice there and i get along with everyone. Management listens to me if i have a problem. They offer me a ride home sometimes too. It really just depends on the people.

There are some days were i hate it because i have to work a long day or i have to wake up early but it's a job and it's really nice there. I guess it helps since i never really complain about anything