Live Oak, Florida
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Publix cares nothing about its employees! Not a bit.

Whoever made up the slogan that it's a "great" place to work was lying through their teeth, quite clearly. They have this rhetoric that they care about their customers AND their employees. Wrong. I am especially pissed with how poorly Publix treats its pharmacists.

It's absolute *** what corporate can do to their nearly vested employees who have been working as pharmacists for almost 35 years. Corporate pushes them out with the excuse of minor mistakes all the while increasing hours, piling on initiatives that any normal person could not do on top of their current job responsibilities, AND not allowing time for bathroom or lunch breaks. Basically, they expect for their employees to work like machines for 15 hours straight. Make no mistake, they care nothing about their employees and as customers we should not condone such behavior by ANY corporation.

So in summation, *** Publix; I will continue to spread word of their horrendousness to everyone I know until I convince them to shop elsewhere. I do not know much about how others places treat their employees but hey, it's gotta be better than Pubix.

Go shop at a Trader Joe's if you have one, maybe. Just boycott Publix if you can.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Publix Cons: How they treat their employees.

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