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I have put many complaints about Publix on this website , and every single complaint has the proof (picture of the receipt is uploaded on every complaint)

Here is another one that just happened...I cannot believe how a company like Publix does this constantly. If you do not check the receipt, you might end up losing money.

Yesterday they did another "tiny" little mistake, and it was for $8 this time...

Can't they just pay attention and not do these kind of mistakes? no they cant...You have to go over your receipt no matter what. Make sure you know how much the item is on the shelf. As I have said in my previous comments "this will only continue with publix and soon you will see another one happening"

Monetary Loss: $8.

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that isn't publix dear that's the cashier trying to double scan things. did you bring it to anyone's attention?


If Publix is so arrogant, and thinks that they don't make mistakes, then why do they have the Publix Promise?If something is marked wrong, you get one of that item for free!

Other places just say oops, and change the price.Public goes way above and beyond for their customers.


Well this person is 100 percent correct that is why e.d.Crenshaw quit,he is going to jail for food stamp fraud!!

He thinks by quiting people will forget how much he stole from everyone mostly his beloved employees who have been suckerd!!Thank you for showing your receipts but next time call the cops make a reall report it's not the cashier it's e.d.


Sir thank you for documenting there theft it is ramped send it all to governor Rick Scott he really needs to know not anyone else others don't count they sweep the poo poo under the rug by the way this is not human errors either it is calculated theft ring who hide behind the fact they put the most IQ less people on the planet so they blame them for there calculated fraud.I also hate the fact when you catch them stealing they treat you like you robbed them!

I have writen a book about this so when the first copys are ready I will see you get one God bless you and I hope you catch them again check out wptv channel 5 publix promise I have also caught them on not a few but let's say a whole bunch and documented just like you remember to get a publix promise receipts that show a price correction you have to demand it fr them it's your proof they refunded your money and corrected the price you must do this or they will steal from some elderly blind deaf or a person in a hurry whomay have a phd.But if they don't pull the miss priced tag they will keep stealing on that item so let the buyer beware caviot emptor

Publix enemy #1

to Anonymous #1296074

You might want to consider not spelling "their" incorrectly when telling other people they are "IQ less" [sic]

*** retard rofl

to Anonymous #1385257

You wrote a book? BaHaHaHaHa!!


Computer are running the store not the employees write it down when you check out you know how much it is do your part and that won't happen


This doesn't prove anything but you bought Asian pears and returned them.Machines aren't perfect.

Sh** happens.Do you ever mess up or are you one of those people who does EVERYTHING right EVERY time.


I get that people get upset over the fact that they get charged extra. Mistakes happen and the fact you posted this girls name online just to seek revenge on her accident makes you a monster. For shame - I hope in the future you learn from this because if that girl was your daughter you wouldn't want some angry *** posting their names online

North Port, Florida, United States #932648

Love my local Publix and never have problems.On the rare occasion I do find a mistake..

Maybe twice in 10 years, you bring in the receipt your next visit and you get the item free.You never see other stores doing that!

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