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Numerous times I had filed complaints directly with Publix web site only to be brushed off by a phone call assuring me things would be resolved. Numerous times last year and again a couple of times this year I am still finding bad seafood and rotten cantelopes, limes, avacados etc...,

I again spent another 80.00 and just now threw away 2 for $5.00 cantelopes both rotten some grapes with the taste of something old and shrimp of rubber and the flavor that comes from a bottle of amonia. Is there anyone out there to help us out with this type of theft?

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Return for a refund! Throwing away the rotten food only perpetuates the problem.

Publix sold me rotten food this week … sweet potatoes, 1 out of 4 turned to mush in (3) days; bagged apples, half were mealy & rotten; I also have purchased shrimp that had an ammonia smell. All were returned for a refund.

Now I'm changing to ethical & more affordable food retailers. Publix was convenient until every trip meant another trip to return rotten food.


Listen one & all,

Iv'e been shopping Publix since 1975 ( Fort Lauderdale) corner of

Andrews Ave & Oakland Park Blvd. When Mr Jenkins was alive the

company was family friendly to it's employees, closed Sundays etc.

What I have been seeing over the years is a wanna be Gooding's

for those who remember them here in Central Florida. I have

personally observed Management messing with expired labels in the produce

department. That was in the open ( who knows what's going on

behind the scene. Look Mr. produce expert some people don't know

the ins and outs about checking to see if a melon is ripe enough

or over ripe and spoiled. They put their trust into a company

that prides themselves in quality products. Read about their

selling practices concerning unsustainable fish and and seafood.

and you might be a bit more objective in your assesments.


I to cant wait to visit the pubix stores in and around clwtr fl,when we visit there 3/4times a year. I havent found a bad groc.

store in that area even non publix stores,PRIDE in there job I guess makes a diff. ,im sure there are owner run stores that try to squeazee every nickle,and dont care about,customers !!!


Ammonia is used to try and kill the aids virus that *** MEN HAVE AND WORK AT PUBLIX. THESE *** PEOPLE TOUCH THE FOOD THAT YOU EAT AND TAKE HOME TO YOUR KIDS.

BE VERY CAREFUL IF YOU SHOP AT PUBLIX. YOU may bring home something that may hurt you and your kids.


@ Pepa: You do realize that HIV can't live outside the body for more than 60 seconds, right?


You can never satisfy certain people, and you sound like the prime example!

Honestly, it isn't hard to tell if a Canteloupe is rotten just by the touch, color, and smell. So how does a person pick out 2 Canteloupes, not tell if they're rotten, and somehow end up they are both bad when you get home. Get somebody else to shop for you because this is an issue that writting on here won't resolve.

As the person commented below me said, you can open up a bag of grapes and taste test it all you want. You can't guarantee every grape in the bag is going to be perfect, as they are pre-packaged. Publix's produce is way better than any other grocery store in the south east, my opinion of course.

As for the ammonia claim, just give it a rest. And be careful what you say or 'claim' because it could come back to *** you.

In the end, just shop somewhere else, because you are the type of customer that no grocery store wants to have. It's sad too because Publix has stamped on a big lamenated poster behind every customer service desk... "We will never knowingly disappoint you. If for any reason your purchase does not give you complete satisfaction, the full purchase price will be cheerfully refunded immediately upon request." The Publix guarantee...been shopping there for 10 years now, hope to make it around another 10!


Well I have the same problem with the shrimp, which is why I'm reading this thread.


Hello, paid Publix poster. I'm an easy-going Publix customer tired of returning rotten produce and over-charged items.

The original poster's complaints are valid. But your solution is also valid: Don't shop at Publix.


While I understand the frustration, it seems unlikely that any grocery store would live up to your standards.

The nature of fresh food, especially higher end products which contain less preservatives, fillers and additives. Without those food tends to go bad fast and when that food is trucked from California to the South East, some of it will go bad.

Sounds like you need to practice/learn how to pick your food better. Especially if you bought fresh fruit without being able to tell if it was bad. Try a grape before you buy it, no problem. If you brought it back they'd probably return it.

Bottom line, maybe the Publix near you is poor but the title of you post is dramatic and grossly misleading. Unless you've actually tasted Ammonia from a bottle it's dishonest to try and claim Publix seafood contains deadly chemicals (which it does not).

More than likely you bought the cheapest product available and got confused by the briny taste some poorly farmed seafood has.

It's not exactly 'theft' if they'll replace or repay whatever dissatisfies a customer.


AMMONIA IS USED TO COVER UP ROTTEN SEAFOOD. Publix is full of over priced, rotten food they are trying to sell before they are closed down.

Publix has their days numbered to stay open.

The rotten smell can also come from dolls I have seen inside and around Publix stores. JENKINS AND CRENSHAW and other bosses may be going to jail as a Federal investigation is being conducted at Publix.


I've worked in the produce dept. for over 3 years now, our dept.

is "kick ***", we grade our dept. every morning before the truck comes and throw out anything that looks remotely rotten or bad, we get compliments all the time on our presentation and our associates. It's not us, it's the supplier we get the produce from.... Yes, it's our job to go through it and make sure we put out QUALITY products,if it's bad, scan it out and throw it away.Enough said..

I see customers happy at my store, we have an AWESOME boss who gives a *** about her dept.

Maybe that's what's wrong with your store...You probably have people who don't give a rats *** and are only there to collect a paychck,too bad our store KICKS ***!!!!You get bad stuff... THROW IT OUT or TAKE IT BACK....GET OVER IT ALREADY!!!!!65981


just return the stuff..they take it all back..The stores in our area are fabulous. It only takes the one constant complainer to make the rest look bad...gheez


Why don't you just shop somewhere else if it's so terrible? Good grief.


I've always been a Publix girl but I must agree with the seafood comments...I always noticed the dept always smells EXTRA clean (overpowering the smell of the seafood) but, I thought this was a good thing until tonite. I bought crablegs for a "Joe's Crabshack steampot" type dinner to have at home with fingerling potatoes, sausage, corn on the cob etc...

OMG!!!!! My friggin crablegs smelled and tasted like ammonia or bleach. I immediately stopped eating the crablegs and called Publix. I spoke with the Customer Svc Mgr who stongly apologized (excellent customer svc) assured me that they would give me my $$ back for the purchase.

I asked if they could test the seafood to check for contaminants, she stated that they actually do the testing by sending it off to their corporate quality control lab. Its pretty late already so, I advised her that I'd be there in the morning to return the seafood and to get it sent off for testing. BTW, The customer svc rep who answered the phone (before I asked for a MGR) slipped up and told me that they've had this happen more than once.

I'm not trying to sue...I friggin love Publix and the buy1get1free deals! I am just disappointed and of course, I want to know what in the *** is in my tummy!


like george jenkins said "a purchase is not complete untiol the meal is eaten and enjoyed" or something like that just take it back


I can't wait to get to Florida on our trips from Ohio to shop at Publix. It's the best place to buy meats and I have never had any problem with the quality of their produce. You have to know how to choose and not to buy something that is too far along.


I have shopped at Publix my entire adult life. Bar none, they are the best.

No one is perfect, but they try the hardest. Through the three hurricanes that passed over our county in 2004, our Publix was the first store open with generator power (this is a very small rural Florida town) and there stood our Publix manager ready to help anyone that needed him. They gave away a lot of food during those times.

no electicity, no money, no gas, no nothing. I will never forget them and I am loyal for life.


our seafood supplier will not send small orders so we get a large order we dont need and it and mangers try to keep their p&l in check.customers be wary!!


Only one time in all my years of shopping at Publix have I been taken aback by the customer service. I was standing at the bakery counter, deciding which yummy pastry I wanted, when I saw a roach, which of course completely ruined my appetite.

I said to the female clerk, "Excuse me, there's a roach inside the bakery case." Her reply, "Is it alive or dead?" DID IT MATTER?????????? :?


I have returned 2 salads bowls one time with no problem and the staff were very friendly. If you don't like publix you need to shop at my getto walmart.