Miami, Florida

No pleasure shopping at Publix at Skylake Mall. Too hot! Nick Berardino wasn't "available" to complain to him.

I yelled at Nick, who was a good twenty-five feet from me and waved my arms at him since I was in the cashier's lane. Aside from the heat all my past comments have been complimentary even about Nick. I have taken with my wife over 25 prescriptions from Publix due to charges two hundred percent above another pharmacy's prices. I will no longer shop at Publix.

Thank you, Richard Gale

795 NE 155 St

Miami FL 33162


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82 degrees? Do you walk around all day with a thermometer?

Richard, don't take this the wrong way, but you need to seriuosly get a life!... I'd ignore you too if you yelled at me from across a room.


200% over other stores? You must not have any insurance.


200% over other drug stores.......

Another *** screwing the GOV, but everyone in the Pharma Biz does!!An example of the fluffing of America!!Don't believe that prescription writing fool!!Holistic is healthier!!


We don't have a Publix in our state. Thanks for the headsup though...I'll not shop there next time we travel to Fl.