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I have used my Samsung phone to pay for groceries at Publix for several months now. Today after my phone payment was approved, the cashier went and got the manager. The manager demanded to see my license and credit card, then suddenly she took them into the office.

She returned and stated that I would have to bring my cart to the front desk and they would have to individually refund each item in the cart. I asked why. The payment had gone through. She gave me no answer, stating that they could not accept the payment from my phone. I asked for my license and card back and left.

I called the credit card company and the payment was approved and pending, so I had it cancelled. I called the Publix headquarters and they knew of no reason that any Publix location should refuse to accept a payment from a phone. The whole experience was embarrassing and frustrating. I will not rest until I get some answers for the outrageous conduct by the manager at Publix.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Publix Cons: Management poor customer service, Customer service, Management personnel.

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I tried to pay last week twice with my android pay.both times the manager and I had a conversation as why my android pay would not work.They have no clue..but previously it did.They changed somehow.


It's very possible that the account number they see, doesn't match your card number, and this is for security reasons. I set my Chase cards up and I got this email and it read:

"You are getting a unique Device Account Number.

The device account number improves security because your actual card number is not shared with merchants or stored on your device. Instead, the device account number is used to process your payments — further protecting your information."


I'm not going to say this was the correct way to go about it, but I can give you some information that may bring light to only one part of this ordeal. Yes, Publix accepts Samsung Pay, however, recently due to the delay in activating the chip readers plus the increased amout of fraudulent activity, the Point Of Sale system now prompts the cashier to verify the last four digits of the card and the signature when Credit is used and the transaction amount exceeds $50.

Now, if you paid with Samsung pay, I'm wondering if the "account number" or last four digits of the card show up on the register as something different than what is on the phone.

The only reason a manager should refund the transaction is when the last four digits of the credit card do not match the card that the customer presents.

Seems as if the manager didn't handle the situation in the correct manner, but then again I wasn't there and can only go based on the information you have provided.

I hope you were able to get clarification on this issue.


The last four digits are in the app. SP tells you what to give the cashier if they ask for this information.

It's simple everyone involved was an Apple user and pure ignorance and lack of education for this new payment service is the answer.

Must remember most people think Apple phones are at the forefront of technology. I would keep pressing them till you get an answer. I had the same issue with the store Vanity Fair and I had to email corporate and got the asst mgr in trouble.

He *** near jumped over the table to not let me use it. Stating it does not work here when I have used it prior to that 4x in his store.

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