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Publix is protecting their adulterous managers. My ex-wife was also found cheating with a manager at Publix when she worked there.

His name is Junior Cummins, he works at the Boca Raton store now. He worked at Oak Bridge and a Sawgrass store and probably doing the same with someone elses wife. What Publix did was transfer him away and promote him. The environment produces this workplace adultry, where you have a male manager and all young female cashiers who are vulnerable and do not know how to deal with this.

Of course it takes two, I am not saying my ex-wife did not have anything to do with it, but I wonder why this unprofessional manager keeps getting promoted and moved to other stores.

He was conducting the affair at work during business hours, receiving phone calls at the store and while being a supervisor of a female subordinate, I believe he abused his position. He should have been fired on the spot not promoted!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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I personally know her and trust she would leave him in heart beat if she knew!


Okay I'm sure she would but lucky for him and her she don't have a clue.


Perhaps you should contact his wife and speak with her I'm sure she would want to know!

Jamal Da Man

Maybe you should have been laying the pipe right and your wife wouldn't have had to get it banged out elsewhere???


I have to wonder if the "SS" in "NerdlingerSS" has to do with A*D*O*L*F H*I*T*L*E*R's very own SS. :eek :x

If so, keep thinking you are infallible while the rest of us are laughing. Supply and demand will show who laughs last. :p

World War 2 was over in 1945, your side lost. Go follow your leader. :grin


maybe your wife was a so grow get your man act together and maybe she wouldnt leave you loser..


That axxhole NerdlingerSS has to be one of those district managers (Jim Yeatman? maybe) protecting his fellows sex offenders Junior Cummins and Jeff Lawyer.

Don’t get surprised if you hear in the news something like: “adulterous Publix manager found hanged inside the supermarket freezer using his own tie.

Police is investigating a possible homicide since they found in his rectum a note saying: “Publix, where cheating is a pleasure” in addition to 10 lbs of chicken leg quarters stocked in his mouth. Some witnesses said the tie was a gift from one of his multiple affair partners”