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I have a service dog , a rescued mixed breed daxchund and chihua, that I rescued at least 51/2 years ago that had been abused by a foreign national that must have hated dogs with a passion, never took her for a walk , kept her locked in a closet , starved her , moved out of a mobile and just cast her aside, and I came along and rescued her, gave her a good home, fed her good, played with her,and all he told the manager of the park, that he came to the front door and looked for her and just moved out and abanded her.

so I moved to good Samaritan village, in kississimmee, fla and about three months ago, I visited publix store No. 1179

my dog who I named missy, and the stupid manager steven mc caully came charging at me like a bull elephant and proceeded to tell me that I could not bring her in, so I just happened to pull out her jacket that says service dog, and he said ok, every cashier in the store really loved "missy", along with a lot of customers, so lo and behold about a month ago I was back in publix shopping for a movie and in the process this poueto rican lady came charging towards us and missy thought she was going to attack her old man, so she barked in defense, and that when your blessed manager steven macvauly ordered us out of his store and to never come back.

this did not set too well with the customers, and all the employees, who really loved the company and comfort of missy.

Missy is really loved and adored here in good sams,every body loves missy and chuck, and I have to stop and let the residents coax and say hi to missy.

it is a crying shame that a manager named steven mc cauly, who walks around in the store with a clenched lip or chin wondering who he can fire today, a lot of customers, employees and my self and all my friends and neighbors, and my veteran friends, who are dissiapointed with this manager who has the lowest managerical record that a person can get

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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