To all my fellow associates

Thank You for making me feel so welccome in my new job. I haven't even been there 90 days and you are already wanting me to quit. I will not let you get the best of me. Work hard and you to will be rewarded. I have the most respect for Ellie ( and Kim and Yoko and Ana ) she has made some great employees out of them. May you have half the work ethics she has. Thank You Ellie for giving me a shot. What a great company to work for...( think about it) Peace be with you. Thanks!
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Publix didn't find you.

you found Publix.

now get the *** out jacka*s.

too many cry baby MF'ers.

if i had it my way i would fire 25% of you.

wait, since i would be the one hiring you and the rest of ppl like you wouldn't even get a chance.

after the first 5 minutes i can tell if you would be worth a ***



"Drama Queen" !!

Shut up and get to work!!!!!


Huff and Puff and Huff and Puff !!!

WTF is your point dude???

*** and get to work!!!!

Be glad to have a job anywhere you "drama queen" !!


You must be very lazy and counter-productive for them to want you to quit. The fact is that 90 days is more than enough to see if an associate is going to work out. It would appear that you are seen as a lost cause and should quit immediately.


Everything this person is saying is true. The fact that you, a Publix employee, are attacking a complete stranger you know nothing about and not making a reasoned argument, shows exactly the kind of mentality this organization encourages.

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Coral Springs, Florida
New Reviewer

She shows favortism

Ellie, Shows favortism to certain associates. They always work early shifts and they always work 50 hours or more we all need money during the holidays not just certain people. To name a few KIM,ANNA,YOKO,ROLAND and LORI. Certain associates takes 3 to 4 weeks off from work no questions asked. And there are cretain ones who only ask for a couple days off an we get a lengthly lecture alone with it. And the evaluatons *** ! For some of us of who really does deserves 75 cents or a dollar raise just as KIM,ANNA,YOKO,ROLAND and LORI.
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birdy you whine way too *** much.

do you work in the deli or bakery?

right now there are about 12.5 million ppl w/o jobs.

now is not the time to be complaining.

so shut youe piehole and getrdun.......


Seems to me that the complainers are watching instead of doing. I would think if you did your work, you might get a raise too.

Could it be maybe your one of the people who call out everytime your kid gets a runny nose? There are a few of you in the deli that think having a child is everyone else's resposibilty but yours. Maybe your just one one the whinny guys who want to walk around and do nothing. Ellie is a fine woman who takes pride in her job.

Do your work and she has no problems. Maybe you all should try that concept.


LOL....."Working Class Hero"...either you are just kicking back doing nothing...while the girls are doing everything FOR you........or you are just DISCRIMINATING against me for being a female !

Very narrow minded, indeed !

Whatever you are smoking......I WANT SOME !!!! LMAO !


"she" is what Publix is ALL about !!

they like "she" !!!

She are better than "he's"

work for Publix and you will find out!!

The "she" is always on top of "he" !!


I always disliked people like you....always watching what other's are doing, while you should be doing your job and concentrate on what YOU are doing (or NOT).

How do you know just "why" those employee/s got granted a lengthy time off ?

Was it to care for a sick child, mother.....sick time, vacation etc.

Were you there, when those employees were questioned ?

(And believe me, it's common procedure as a manager to ask many questions......since we are the ones having to make the schedule for the department for enough coverage AND explain it to the store managers and DM !!!)

No one in their right mind is sticking their neck out for employees to be "just gone for several weeks", without having a valid reason.

Get your facts straight BEFORE jumping to conclusions !


All raises above .25 cents (soon to be .15 cents) are sent on a useform for approval from the District Manager. They must be doing something right (working) while you're doing something wrong (not working).


I once had a job where I was harrassed and bothered by a blackie!I busted his *** with a forklift and sent him to the hospital. No more blackie and no more trouble.

Peace be with you as long as you don't bother my *** ! Keep that in mind .


This is not favortizm, perhaps you are a terrible worker. Perhaps you act like a whining little kid as you did when you wrote this letter.

Stop being such a baby. I think you are jealous of KIM,ANNA,YOKO,ROLAND and LORI.

who actually do their job where you don't. What are you eight where you complain about something others have that you don't have.


hey birdy, i feel sorry for ya, i cant believe you get *** on like that, i bet you are the best worker in your store, arent you?.....or then again, maybe your not, maybe your just a whiner and complainer......did you know you can transfer to another store and work for another manager? shouldnt work where youre not happy, even though the economy is bad and there are no jobs, if no transfer is possible and youre not a "favorite", you could quit.....just a thought.......



wow, whoever you are, or if there is more than one of got issues, apparently youre too worried about ellie and the other associates and what they do than worrying about your own job....did you ever think that your work habits or ethics reflect on your evaluations??....if kim, anna, yoko, roland and lori are doing what they are asked, then god bless `em, they deserve it, and if you are so unhappy, the solution is simple.........QUIT!!!....or be happy you got a *** job!!!!

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Miami, Florida
New Reviewer

Publix #1150 Deli Manager

Here it is going into another season with a Deli Manager at Publix store #1150 that is too old for the job and needs to retire she has no clue on what is going on in her department. she never orders enough product the customers are allways asking for items that she...
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Customer service publix lake placid fla store 1547manager Lisa dunihue is lazy I see her in the office a lot her favorite cashiers get more hours every week some get no hours I see a few cashiers bag and clean bath room and some just cashier if I have to bag each cashier should also Lisa has about 6 cashiers that play cashier nothing else and they are Scheduled Almost the same time every week not fair they say open Availability for more hours when some work 7:00am to3:00 pm some work 3 hrs transfer Lisa dunihue ant Tay the ast to another store and they hire more people but no hours for everyone David Scott Jones really didn’t care if you work for publix part time you are not Guaranteed any hours every week will be from five hours to seven hours a week depends on your work location

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Hattiesburg, Mississippi
New Reviewer

Publix scam. Not more food, just a smaller cart!

I have shopped at Publix Northdale for 8 years now, every Thursday. My prices have gone up, way way up. I'm not surprised about that but it keeps going up and the BOGO deals haven't been staple foods in a long long time now. But what really really *** me off is...
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I really hate Publix. I hate working there.

But I highly, highly, highly doubt they would "shrink" their carts.

The whole idea of retail is get you to buy more not less. You need a life, and new eyes.

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Tampa, Florida


I always shop at Publix because it smells the best and looks the cleanest. That being said, their meat and seafood are not very good at all. And we buy our produce at farmer's markets. Their produce is about the worst you can get. I still go for all the other stuff because it's clean inside. I know whatever bananas they get have something special on them, because they give everyone heartburn. How weird is that? Oh well, Florida doesn't have fancy supermarkets, Publix is about the nicest available. And you can buy their convenient tote bags for only $0.99. They're a big hit with our local homeless folks. Hobo purses.
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you can not be serious, bananas not right! they are protected in thier own skins and not treated with anything' used to work in Guatamala at Delmonte and I assure you this is correct,you need to up your meds!


klcjuxdcuftvj87jitu88igv7vi754fg,jjkghrlgjlerdrfdiosfi.fijlflrkofl;eristvi;k;rtogiortgkjdtisjotg8lisrlugilldefjrtlefguitttlollrjrjrjrjrjrjrjrjrjrjrjrjrjgiovvvvvvvvvvvvvtjovrsuioctg.jcvhio;c scv cbmkopvbcvpvfjkgvbscgjjmigjbt89dtg8irjmitg nn5


I loversgbgvdfghdgdhhftghddgghfgdfghgddgffgffvikvk


I stopped going to the Hollywood/Young Circle store because it is DISGUSTING. Ceiling still moldy since the hurricanes, produce watered but not turned over so everything's rotting (in order to get a decent box of strawberries you've got to open at least 3 of them to make up for the fuzzy fruit.) Staff is rude.

Inventory NEVER changes and is sporadically restocked.

Their "bakery" is a joke. Don't go there; the one in Hallandale is much nicer/friendlier/has more.


It's funny to think, that our vendors and suppliers supply to other stores and companies as well.....and it all comes from pretty much the same source, distributors, growers, name it.

Obviously, the banana's are not grown here in the US....but maybe they are from Honduras, Ecuador etc.

Our beef, pork, chicken and turkey are born, raised, slaughtered and processed right here in the USA.

So, if you don't like them, maybe you'd much rather like the meat imported from other countries for your consumption :grin

I am curious to find your definition of "fancy" pertaining to a supermarket ?

Red carpet, champagne, chocolate covered strawberries ?

We have that in our stores for purchase...except maybe the

Yes, some stores are "old" 25+ years. (They are neighborhood stores, and there is a reason on WHY they are even survived that long in that one particular location)

BUT, they are updated and given a "facelift" every couple of years, modernizing the look with all the bells and whistles.

And, if you are not satisfied with our "boring", "plain" traditional Publix stores, you are welcome to visit our all natural and/ or organic Greenwise stores.

Nothing "plain", "boring", "old"...but the best of the best money can buy.

From granite and marble counter tops....all the way to a chocolate fountain located in the bakery, to exquisite specialties some people never even heard of.

If you haven't visited a Publix Greenwise store, you haven't seen "fancy"

So, maybe you are getting the heartburn from the banana's just because it's YOU and YOUR body not taking to them.

And...just for future references...if you are not completely satisfied with our products, we will either exchange it or cheerfully refund you the money.

So, you as a customer have a win/win situation, and won't lose out either way.

I have been to many supermarkets all over the US, as well as all over the world.

Publix is right up there amongst the best or most fancy of them !


Sorry you feel that way about the meats and produce from publix. I have been shopping at publix since the 60's and found the produce fantastic.

Recently I found out that the meats contain no additives or flavor enhancers. I also like how all of the employees take great care to wear gloves and hair nets all the time. I guess there is no accounting for taste.

I guess some people would prefer dirty bacteria filled and flavor enhanced food. But for me, I will take publix any day.

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Gainesville, Florida
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Publix Prices Are Too High

My neighborhood Albertson's was bought out by Publix. Publix has not opened the store yet as they are remodeling, but after visiting another Publix five miles away from me the other day, I decided to drive five miles further to an Albertsons to stock up on things...
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April 3rd 2022, Its so expensive, and my last visit say a big increase from a week before! I think there has to be price gouging going on! Going to Walmart and Aldi's in future.

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Orlando, Florida

Very Rude Customer Service Counter

I cash my payroll check each payday at Publix in Crestview. I really enjoy shopping here because most of the employees are friendly and seem to love their jobs, however on more than both hand count I keep encountering a rude dark black hair, Asian or Hispanic customer service counter worker that is always very rude to me. She doesn't treat others (esp. Spanish speaking persons this way) only me. She makes me feel like I'm a bother to her and she always comments on oh we may not have the money for this check even when others with a larger amount are in the same line. I refuse to complain to management because I'm afraid it would just make it worse. I don't think that job suits her and she acts like she's doing me a favor just talking to me. I'm just your everyday person.
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You should definately bring this to a managers attention immediately. This type of behavior coming from a Publix employee is not acceptable. A customer should never feel this way in one of our stores.

I'm very sorry about your experience and hope that you take the time to speak with someone in a higher level position than this custoemr service staffer.

Publix takes our customers happiness very seriously.

Thank you so much for bring your business to our company. I hope this situation can be resolved and you continue your patronage.


Complaints like these get to me. Situations like that don't just randomly happen.

Either your story is false or you are leaving something out. People who have their jobs at stake don't just wake up and decide they want to discriminate on one particular person today who has done absolutely nothing but be pleasant to them.


Interesting, I have lived in that city for 5 years and shop there, and I have never seen anyone that matches that description, and I know all of them very well. I think you are lying to cause trouble for the store, and that's sad.

Get a life. And if you do have a LEGIT problem, speak to the manager, don't spew your one-sided BS on a website.


How do you KNOW that others there are cashing larger checks??

Do you *really* camp out there long enough to observe her with many, many diff. people??

Go to the Clue Store and buy a clue... you are clearly a disturbed person... You complain here but are "afraid" of her?? What a CRETIN. Folks like you are the reason why some folks DON'T have kids; they don't want to subject the rest of society to potential f**k-ups like YOU.


order a bunch of publix subs then tell the cashier if she don't have the money to cash you sheck she can keep the subs and walk out.


I would have to recommend against "cursing out" the Customer Service Staff. That is an easy way to get yourself removed from a building or arrested.(I would personally "remove" you AND have you arrested.) Even if no charges are filed, it's enough to ruin your day.

I also find it interesting that you have observed (stalked) this associate to the point of knowing how she treats EVERY other customer. You need to get some serious psychiatric help.


Curse that *** out the next time you go there and give her a nervous breakdown. Bust a *** master move on her and make her run out of the store crying.

You will get your satisfaction I guarantee it. I always get mine !


publix charges to cash checks so they are more then happy to cash your payroll,this person needs to be reported,i shop publix all the time and they are to friendly,the lady needs to be fired,, your fired ! go home!


Please report this individual to a manager. Publix is founded on customer service, It tries very hard to keep it that way.

We cannot always know how our employees treat customers; and rely on customers to let us know there is a problem in these extreme cases. We would love to make your shopping experience better, and sorry that you have had a bad experience with this person.


Why do you cash your payroll check with a place that employs someone that treats your rude?? You should stop being such a coward and report this person to the manager.

If I were you, I would shop elsewhere and cash my check at a bank or credit union.

Open an account there instead of using this drug store as your personal bank. Obviously, this employee thinks you are only using this place of business as your personal bank and is annoyed by you cashing your check there.

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Crestview, Florida

Publix, beware of the Winn-Dixie collapse

As a current employee of Publix and a past employee of Winn-Dixie, I have observed attitudes and actions at Publix that remind me of the years preceeding the collapse of Winn-Dixie and a few other chains that family "inherited" when the patron passed. Publix...
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In reply to Keith. I got .50 for my first raise.

Sounds like you just work for a cheap ***.

Publix is hardly stagnating. If anything they're trying harder than any other grocer in the south to vary things up.

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Tampa, Florida
Publix Manager
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Publix Grocery Complaint

It is not up to the consumer to pick through the food to find good food but the responsibility of the store itself. We shop normally at the one on A1A in Ormond by the Sea which seems to be a pretty nice store but an awful meat department and sea food department. We live directly across from it and have always loved shopping there. Now that things are a little hard for everyone, we have found the quality of there products to of gone down hill and actually sort of have gone from bad to worse. It may not really be called stealing for those of you whom are ignorant to buy stuff and just throw it away. I consider it a responsibility to the consumer to make things right. They told me last time it happens that I could just come by and they would make it up to me and even spoke with the representative in altamonte springs or somewhere around there but he turned out to be a spokesman for PUBLIX and his words became as worthless and the ammonia tasting crab legs. If they would only get the right people in there and make it right. That would be nice. Instead they know how to pass the buck and make a buck. Good luck to all as we now shop at SAMS and COSTCO. Much better.....
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sewer smell and taste in publix spring water16.9 fluid ounce bottles :cry


Publix makes it very clear if ur upset to make it right. If u had *** crab legs bring it back to them and get your money back..

Don't slam on them.. They just receive the seafood and relay it to the customers. No seafood guy tastes everything you buy... That's just common sense..

So before you blame the employees realize that if you didn't like it then take it back for your money back..... Simple as that


I have bought publix spring water for many years. I won't buy it anymore.

Since you took away the cardboard box, the plastic rips and bottles fall out getting them to and from the car.

Not only that but if they are left in the car over an hr, the bottles bend and will not stand up straight anymore. Don't know why you did this, but cardboard is recyclable!


the most flirty desrespectful personal in any chain of super markets. flirting in front of me my kids and other customers.

real nice!

I only go to these supermarkets on emergengcies the young girls at the register cant stop staring smiling making small talk with my husband he does not like going there neither any of us. let 's not mention the prices two times more than anyother place.


Publix will never compete with the grocery stores in the north. I believe the comment about getting ammonia smelling crab legs.

I live in FL and will never shop at Publix again.

They are way too expensive - the reason for their Buy One Get One Free sales. You have my pity if there is no other grocery store in the area where you live.


neal Do you work for Publix?


Your post was very hard to read. Didn't seem to be much more than rambling.

If you ever get something bad at Publix, they will cheerfully refund it. There's not way you ever got ammonia smelling crab legs.

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Chicago, Illinois

Did not help pack bags in car

I woke up one morning and went shopping at my neighborhood publix which is by pompano beach.I was standing in the checkout line and a manager was bagging my groceries.When it was all done i asked him if he was going to help me put my groceries in my car and he told me no because it was raining outside. I asked him to tell me his name and he responded Jesse. I told him i was going to call corporate and he said feel free to then responded my name is Jesse Palmer and im this stores manager.
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I dont need or want help. I wish they would stop asking.

I dont need help to the car with a bottle of single chardonnay. If I ever do , someone should alert the police about the potential for a drunk driver.


I've stated the same thing! I'm a CSS at publix & if it's lighting outside we suspend carry-out service until the weather is clear.


I second the statement from the poster above.

The store manager reserves the right to determine if it is safe for the employees to carry out....or not (including himself)

After all, he is still responsible for the employees.

When I hear people complaining about the "carry out" SERVICE Publix is offering, I do have to laugh sometimes.

They offer that SERVICE for our customers. However, sometimes this service is unavailable for a number of reasons.

If you talk to customers, they are NOT coming to publix because of the carry out service....but for their shopping needs.

Whatever happened to the times, when one buys their own stuff, and carries them out themselves (if need be) ????

Many places don't even have this service...period. (And people still go shopping there!)

Most of the time I refuse to have the carry out service for myself. But, give up my "service" to someone else really NEEDING it (like the elderly, wheelchair bound and handicap people)

But for someone to "demand" that service, especially when the weather is bad unbelievable !


Publix gives that right to the store manager to decide if the danger level during a storm is too great to risk taking bags to the car. Your choice is to wait till it clears or do it yourself. This was nothing against you personally.


That never happened. Bald faced lie.



Get over it.

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Lake Worth, Florida
Publix Manager
New Reviewer

Manager vs associate trying to get management

I worked for Publix for SEVEN LONG YEARS. First job since high school. Started as cashier got all the way to Customer service team leader then demoted myself because of all the *** with management not on the same page, lack of communication, favoritism, discrimination...
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Sorry to hear that you were not treated right as an employee. My niece worked for Publix too as a cashier and was also mistreated.

Sexual harassment and was constantly yelled at by her boss. This is common though no matter where you work.

I suggest if you don't feel respected or treated properly to ask for a transfer or look somewhere else.

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Eustis, Florida
Publix Cashier
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i went shopping @ the publix in port saint lucie fl. on us1 and prima vista and on that day i went shopping for business and personal items @ publix. to make a long story short i was waiting for the employee @ the deli to slice meat for me and she was very pleasent. my...
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Look, corporate did what you wanted right? The store manager went and talked to the deli manager. He/she told her to get it right, probably wanted to know why she did it. They sent a letter of apology and a way to make up for it.

What did you want? The deli manager fired for that one act, b/c YOU couldn't control YOUR child? $300 b/c YOU couldn't control YOUR child in a private establishment? That's unreasonable. You wouldn't go to an upscale restaurant and let your child scream like he!!'s fury, only to get upset when they present an ultimatum and asked you to either quiet the child or leave, would you? If so, I'm sorry you're in the wrong.

I've worked in grocery retail before, and I'm sorry, its quite irritating when someone lets their brat scream all over the store. If this happened several time in a day, along with other stressing events in my life, I'd tell someone to "...shut that baby up!!" (you're probably leaving out the part where she said "will someone ...").

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Palm Beach, Florida
Publix Manager


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you should go to your store manager


If things are as bad at your store as you say they are, the district manager and regional director would be very interested in hearing about it. A word of caution tho.

Better make sure you have documented with dates and times all the things you have seen and have a complaint about. Human resources is another avenue to go as well.

You don't necessarily need to quit your job, but if you are that concerned about the situation, feel justified in being discriminated against and have the proof, pursue it.


He probably became a manager by having proper writing skills, such as not typing all in caps. If you don't like your job quit and apply for another one.

However when you do don't write in all caps on your application form or resume it won't get you the job.

Don't put down coworkers in letters it won't get you anywhere. If you are this disgrunted quit after you found another job.

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Stone Mountain, Georgia
Publix Manager

Rude Hispanic Customer Service worker at Publx, Crestview, Fl

A Hispanic Female that works the front counter and sometimes on a register, makes vulgar comments about how other customers dress. She then adds "have a blessed day" to select other customers. I often hear her commenting neg. about other workers when they are...
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Overcharging everyone on prescriptions!!! People listen up...did you know that Publix overcharges 200%-300% on the final cost of your prescriptions?

No Joke! I was employed with "Where shopping is a pleasure" Store Crestview, Florida for over 9 years.I had Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance with the company working full time with all benefits, 4 months ago I became unemployed. At the time with Publix and the insurance with the co-pay I was paying $168.00 a month for my prescriptions. When I left I had no insurance and called around expecting to pay over $250 for the scripts Publix claimed I was saving.

To my surprise, "WAL-MART charges only $68.00 a month for all the same prescriptions! Yes! no mistake!! $68.00.

I remember in all the past store meeting the Big Proud Store Manager, Tim Bryant would proudly say " OUR PHARMACY HAD A 200% SALES INCREASE OVER LAST YEAR!!!" DAH!!! Yes they sure were...overcharging the employee's and customers alike.

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Crestview, Florida
Publix Manager
New Reviewer


I have been a customer for about 30years at the store in Miami Lakes. I purchased a yard canopy sometime in latter part of May or the first of June of 2007, that was advertised for 24.99. Now I know I am not going to get a "top of the line" item for that price, but being that I purchased it from Publix I figured it would at least last more than 2 months. As I sit in my garden today, the canopy is in shreds, and I am very disappointed. What is happened to the quality I used to expect from you.
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who the *** is lin006.

as for your yard canopy,

did you think of spraying it with some sort of 3M product to help protect it from the florida sun.

how bout covering up when not in use.


well, there is a publix guarantee, use it.

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Miami, Florida
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